Dating During Coronavirus: All that's Changing with the Pandemic

Vipashyana Dubey
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Dating during Coronavirus

Dating During Coronavirus...Let’s meet before the Coronavirus gets really bad!


Looking for someone, who is not down with Coronavirus...

Swipe left if you’ve been travelling...

These are not 'concerns' they are dating app bios! And they prove that people are obsessed with the coronavirus, even on dating apps. It's a conversation that's real and everyone's wondering how bad will it really get. But there's always humour in a crisis. So coronavirus has lent to some cute pick up lines.

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Current times are being called the new “cuffing season”. People are using coronavirus related pick-up lines and memes to break the ice. “Most of y’all will catch chlamydia before the coronavirus,” says a memed cat on the internet while looking down upon the entire human race.

Here are some types of daters we have seen during the Coronavirus pandemic-

  • #1 The ones who are on a break.
  • #2 The ones who ask questions and might ghost.
  • #3 The ones who work it out.
  • #4 The ones who are fearless.

The ones who are on a break

As school, colleges and cinemas stay shut in the capital, many have succumbed to the panic. “I told him that we are on a break till this ends”, said a 21-year-old student. Perhaps taking inspo from friends was the best option as neither party could pull up a Ross amidst situations of self-imposed quarantine. One has even decided to be off dating apps until the dilution of the threat.

“There is no point in getting attached to someone who might give you something more deadly than a heartbreak”, said a student of the Delhi University

The ones who ask questions and (Disclaimer) might ghost

Some warriors are out there discussing the detailed history of travels and hygiene before fixing the deal. A 2nd-year student residing in Delhi told us that she unmatched after “certain indications of questionable measures to maintain hygiene”. Virtual dating has already been haunted by the low attention span of millennials and myriad options to choose from. Additionally, Coronavirus frenzy is rendering high volatility in matches. Nicole Byer recently tweeted about how a person unmatched because she had been travelling “with this

I was talking to a man on tinder and I told him I was traveling and he said “with this corona virus!?” Then unmatched me

Dating is maybe the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

— nicole byer (@nicolebyer) March 5, 2020 !?”


The ones who work it out

However, some have invented ways to not let the nano threat get in the way of their big plans. A 20 year old said that she will now progress to be in a simulated long-distance relationship with her partner. Also, another 26-year-old claimed that she would prefer a face to face interaction over devices rather than an in-person meeting. One has even resorted to plan a virtual date with her partner. This would include eating or watching movies together while being on voice or a video call.

Did anyone tell us how they are maintaining sexual contact? Yes! A sister advised people in long-distance relationships to fix a specific time with each other to do it online through WhatsApp, Skype and other services of the like. “Masturbation in relationships is just not about pleasing our own selves but also maintaining that sexual connect with each other even when you are miles apart,” said she. Also, masturbation for another remains unaffected during these times as she prefers to keep herself satisfied and thereafter finding someone to connect with.

The ones who are fearless

Deriving pick-up lines from the shared fear of coronavirus and successfully capitalizing on it isn’t for the weak-hearted. The fearless are here stomping upon the WHO guidelines (applaud but DON’T DO IT) as a single in-person date can violate the lot. For them, the threat of coronavirus is still a lot more than a metre away. In one interaction a fellow mentioned how she felt that the entire earth is doomed. Hence, she felt that this was all the more a reason for her to go out to find a guy she could live and die with.

“Coronavirus has not stopped people from going on dates through dating apps. People, in general, have a lot of problems in their lives, lack of companionship is a major one.”, said another woman highlighting how life in Mumbai can get lonely, hence dating is a crucial part of life.


Digital Dating only?

Dating apps like Tinder are adapting to the ground realities. Recently, it cancelled “Swipe Night”- a choose your own adventure interactive story session. Further, it also added a pop up that reminds people to wash hands while swiping and advises them to maintain a distance at social gatherings.

Dating already brings enough jitters for people and now it's the coronavirus. We want to hear from you. Are you changing your dating behaviors as the coronavirus continues to spread?

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Vipashyana Dubey is an intern with SheThePeople

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