Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli: Balancing Tournaments And Pregnancy

One can only imagine the level of stress Sharma may be experiencing as RCB makes into playoffs and the pressure begins to mount from fans on Kohli to win the tournament.

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Anushka Sharma posted a picture last night on Instagram with Virat Kohli, marking the end of the celebrations for the latter's birthday. Sharma and Kohli are expecting their first child in January 2021. This hasn't kept Anushka Sharma from being in the stands and cheering for team Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Captained by her husband, the team is currently participating  in the Indian Premier League being held in UAE. She is there by his side, and for sure it mustn't be easy. For all its glitz and glamour, IPL is a high profile tournament, which means naturally Kohli must be stressed out. And yet that's what modern couples do when pregnant, they balance their day-to-day life, big work events and stress along with this new development.


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Pregnancy is a phase that changes a couple's relationship forever. Even before you embrace your child, they impact your life with their presence. When you and your partner are on the same page, this experience brings you closer and gives you innumerable memories that you will relive for the rest of your lives. The nausea, the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat, the midnight cravings for high carb snacks, the wait at your gynaecologist's clinic for your appointment, and the excitement and nervousness caused by every tiny development, these are things that you end up recalling, even when your child is six, sixteen or thirty-six. I still remember how my parents lived their memories of being pregnant with me, when my husband and I were going through ours. However, does life and routine stop when you are pregnant? No.


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Both the expecting mother and father carry on with their daily lives during pregnancies, which means there is no respite from daily stressors and struggles. While Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli may be high profile celebrities leading extraordinary lives, it is relatable to see the actor cheer for her cricketer husband. Or when Kohli asks his wife if she has eaten or not right from the field. You can read more about their cute exchange here.

The balancing act for a pregnant couple can be quite depleting though. In case one partner is experiencing trouble at work or is chasing a critical deadline, it does affect the mental wellbeing of the other partner. Similarly, if you experience a pregnancy complication, then the burden lies with both partners in modern marriages.


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One can only imagine the level of stress Sharma may be experiencing as RCB makes into the playoffs and the pressure begins to mount from fans on Kohli to win the tournament. One has to remember how she has been held responsible by cricket pundits and trolls when Kohli didn't perform well. But Sharma cannot avoid sharing the stress with her husband, or vice versa. Pregnant or not, a couple has to be there for each other, that's part of the deal. No matter how much Kohli may want to protect his life-partner from the burden, Sharma signed up for this deal, like millions of others, when they entered a committed relationship.

No one knows how IPL will finish for Kohli and his team, but on the homefront, the experience has just begun for him and Sharma.

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