Am I A Bad Mom? 7 Things I Permanently Feel Guilty Of But Shouldn’t

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Mothers often question themselves because they think they haven’t done enough for their children. Clearly, they don’t deserve to feel this way. Why do they have to justify themselves to us every time? They blame themselves even when they don’t need to. Moms should stop feeling guilty of these seven things now.

1. Having a career

Just a gentle reminder: your mother can have a career. She need not quit her job to take care of you and the family. A woman can have a successful career and be a mother at the same time. Dear working moms, you need not feel guilty about chasing your dreams.

2. Not having a career

If you are a stay at home mother, you deserve to be equally appreciated. You made the choice for yourself and your family. Running a house is no less than running an office. Your children can never belittle you for being a homemaker. You should not feel guilty of not being able to pursue a career because of unavoidable circumstances.

3. Not purchasing expensive goods for their children

If your mother didn’t purchase the latest expensive games and toys for you, it’s because she didn’t want to spoil you. Moreover, she knows you aren’t going to use them for more than a month or so. Make attempts to find happiness in simpler things.

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4. Having a personal life

You can’t expect your mother to meet all your needs day and night with no time for herself. She too has a personal life and must spend time on her own, reading a book or practicing her hobby. Ensure that she spends enough time with herself.

5. Taking a break

What if your mother wants to go on a trip with her friends? Be happy that she is finally doing something for her own happiness. She deserves to take a break. Don’t make her feel like she isn’t fulfilling her responsibilities or being selfish.

6. Teaching their children to behave

Dear moms, you have the liberty to lose your temper at your children’s misbehaviour. By doing so, you teach them to behave. It might hurt them in the beginning but sooner or later, they will realise that you did the right thing.

7. Crying

Your mother can breakdown and cry. If you can’t support her, leave her alone. At least, don’t judge her or make her feel unloved. These are the moments when we should try comforting our moms instead of giving them a guilt trip saying that they must be strong and not cry.

Did you ever make your mother feel that she was wrong when she actually wasn’t? All of us commit errors. Even our mothers. After all, they aren’t superwomen. However, now moms should stop feeling guilty of faults they didn’t even commit. They have been doing so for years now but not anymore. A huge shoutout to all mothers out there. You are God’s most wonderful creation. We appreciate all your efforts and apologise for the times we failed as children.

What else do you think moms should stop feeling guilty of?

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