Nine Reasons Why Sindhu Gangadharan Of SAP Is An Inspiration For Young Career Women In India

Sindhu Gangadharan, Sindhu Gangadharan sap india

After taking up the role of Managing Director and Senior Vice President at SAP, Sindhu Gangadharan became the first woman to lead the german tech-giant. In her career spanning more than 20 years, Gangadharan has shown young women that breaking the glass ceiling is something we all must strive for. Her approach towards her work also tells us that instead of getting bogged down by the male counterparts in the room, we women should aim to be the best person for the job. As a leader, she has also created opportunities for other young professionals and doesn’t shy away from changing her approach to accommodate other people. What else do we need in a leader? 

Here are 9 reasons why Sindhu Gangadharan SAP inspires young career women in India:

  • After graduation from Bangalore University, she quickly joined SAP in 1999 as a Software Developer and in no time she began rising through ranks. 
  • When work demanded, she shifted to Germany to fulfil her professional role along with her family and spent 18 years there. She learned how to speak German instead of expecting people to talk to her in English. 
  • We know how woman get asked questions on the lines of work-life balance unlike men. When asked about the same, Sindhu Gangadharan said that work-life balance is a “last century thing” adding that work is also an important part of one’s life. 

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  • Apart from being the MD at SAP, Gangadharan also holds the post of Independent Director at Titan Company Limited as well Executive Council Member at NASSCOM. She makes it possible for young women to think that they don’t necessarily need to feel content with one good opportunity in life.  
  • Gangadharan acknowledges the fact that there are still lesser women in the workforce as compared to men and she had made quantifiable efforts to help increase that number. With SAP, she has been involved in creating opportunities for young women with the initiatives Girl Who Code, Girl Smarts and Girl Power Tech. 
  • Girl Power Tech, Gangadharan says, is very close to her heart as it will help Indian women in getting a head start in the industry as they will be offered an internship with SAP Labs India, starting in 2021. 
  • As SAP in partnership with UNICEF started an initiative to support the education and careers of young Indians, Gangadharan is focused on working towards digital inclusion of the youth of India along with training them with skills to join the workforce. This initiative is claimed to help about 10 lakh Indians with mentorships and training. 
  • When her parents wanted her to pursue a career in medicine, Gangadharan stood her ground and got enrolled in a computer science course because that is what she was passionate about. Like many women, she has set an example that one doesn’t have to always fulfil their parents’ wishes. Especially when it’s our lives and careers at stake.

Sindhu Gangadharan SAP India is a woman on a mission to encourage women to learn tech.

  • As a woman leader, she has talked about facing “apprehension” from her male colleagues at the initial stage but she focussed on doing her job right so they had to change their minds and were convinced that Gangadharan knew what she was talking about. 

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