Let's Go 2023: Here's How New Year Celebrations Take Place Around The World

While New Year's Eve always brings out the brightest celebrations from around the world, here's a look at ten places that are famously known for their unique traditions and memorable extravaganzas.

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New Year Celebrations
New Year celebrations often remind us of the year gone by. The past three years were challenging for the entire world and, moving forward, celebrating the present becomes all the more important. While you're busy writing down your New Year's resolutions, do not forget to remember the past year and welcome the coming one that waits for us to embrace it with fun, gratitude and happiness.

While New Year's Eve always brings out the brightest celebrations from around the world, here's a look at seven places that are famously known for their unique traditions and memorable extravaganzas.

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New Year Celebrations

1. Your own home


I've put this as the number one place because, c’mon, sitting on one’s couch and eating that favourite pizza while watching the ball drop on television works pretty fine for most people who don't wish to go out. There's nothing like the comfort of your own home, especially if it's the extreme winter season. So, those of you who'd like to stay in and watch your favourite OTT shows, feel free to do so and celebrate your new year's eve in your own style.

2. Sydney, Australia 

Sydney is super popular for millions of people flying in from around the world to witness the city’s most famous fireworks ever which take place on New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people build themselves camps around Sydney Harbour just to witness the majestic fireworks that are globally famous. The aerial flyovers displaying messages and brilliant light shows around the Opera House and Harbour Bridge is an experience you don't want to miss, especially if you're in Australia.

3. New York, United States 

We've seen enough holiday films on Netflix to know the New Year's Eve ritual at Times Square in New York City, United States. The pyrotechnic light shows and celebrity musical appearances are enough to draw a huge audience to the area. However, it's the traditional ball drop that makes the celebration so interesting and memorable.

The countdown moments as the grand 12 football is dropped from a flagpole at the Times Square building make for a glorious watch, and the endless confetti shower keeps that excitement alive for the public celebrating the eve with their loved ones.


4. Paris, France

Ending this particular paragraph at Eiffel Tower will do the trick, but there's more to Paris if we talk about New Year's Eve celebrations. The majestic display of fireworks at the Eiffel Tower makes for a beautiful watch and the lighted tower adjacently adds charm to the countdown. Places like Elysées Avenue and Seine River make for some great celebration spaces, as the people just sit together with their loved ones and admire the beauty of France. The street dances and fun games add to the parties that take place by the Champs Elysees.

5. London, England

It's said that the New Year celebrations in London, United Kingdom will include over 250 thousand people attending the countdown to Big Ben's midnight stroke. Big Ben is also called the Great Bell of the Great Clock of Westminster, and its significance stands unshaken to the British people even today. The banks of the Thames River Thames are another great place to be if you're visiting London. It's said that the aura beside the Thames is unforgetful.

6. Dubai, UAE

The light and water sound show at the Dubai Mall with a direct spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa makes for a memorable New Year's Celebration. If you're a party person, this is the place for you From lavish parties to dinners and some great fireworks displays, the evening just sums up the whole party mood.

7. Denmark

Some New Year traditions are both unique and peculiar. It's believed that every New Year's Eve, the Danes used to throw unused plates on the front doors of friends and family as a mark of good luck.  While throwing plates is another conversation altogether, this tradition is something a lot of visitors to the European country try if they're preset for New Year's.

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