New Year Resolution: Let Us Change These 12 Habits In 2023

Let us promise that no matter what happens we will not give up on ourselves. Let us promise that our love for ourselves will only increase in the coming year.

Rudrani Gupta
New Update
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New Year is knocking at the door. It is waiting for you to get on your feet and be ready for the changes it has brought along. One of those changes is a change in your lifestyle.

The New Year has brought along ways in which you can unlearn old habits and inculcate new ones to make your life better. It is upon you how you welcome the New Year- with open hands or with closed minds?

New Year, New Year Habits

In this article, let us list down a few habits that we need to change in the coming year

  1. People pleasing: Focus on what you can control. Focus on being good and ambitious. It's okay if people don’t agree with everything you do. Please yourself first and then others.
  2. Be kind: No matter how tough it is for you to go through a day, remember that everyone is going through different struggles. Don’t get overwhelmed by your own miseries and stop being kind to others. Kindness is the way to heal others and ourselves too. It will help us go against our mood and fight it.
  3. Don’t spread fake news: In the last few years, the spread of fake news became a major concern. Because of fake news, a lot of confusion has been created. But from next year, let us promise ourselves to check the news twice before forwarding it to people.
  4. Stand for your rights: Another very important habit that we need to inculcate is standing for our rights. No matter how difficult the situation is, we should never back out from gaining what we rightfully deserve. We should protect our rights and freedom in every situation as this is the sign of an aware and free citizen of a democracy.
  5. Make your decisions: Mostly, in our society, a person’s decision is taken under the strong influence of parents, authorities and society. However, it is high time now that we stop letting others take our decisions. We need to realise that our life is not indigent to anyone’s approval. We are free enough to decide what is right for us.
  6. Learn to say NO: Many of us, especially women, have the habit of saying yes to things we don’t agree with. They agree to things just to be kind and people-pleasing. But let us remember that the cost of saying yes is to be borne by us and no one else. We have to pay the price of doing something we internally disagree with. So it is always better to say NO wherever required to keep ourselves safe from troubles and others from betrayal and disappointment.
  7. Learn to accept No: Along with learning to say NO, we need to learn to accept a NO. In our society, saying NO is considered rude and often an attack on a person’s ego. And so when someone says NO, they are rendered rude and insolent for hurting other’s sentiments. But we need to understand that no one around us is made just to work on our demands. Everyone has the right to decide whether they want to accede to your opinion or demand or not. So accept that and stop criticising people who say NO.
  8. Stop gender discrimination: One of the most important habits that we need to learn is to unlearn gender roles. We need to stop enforcing certain roles or tasks on people just because of their gender. We need to start viewing people as an individual with choices. We need to let a person decide what role they want to impersonate.
  9. Get rid of period taboos: In our society, people tend to isolate menstruators assuming that they are impure. No one tries to understand the dynamics of &t=26s">periods and rather just blindly follows what has been told by our ancestors. But this year, let us not believe in something we don’t know about. Let us bust myths and believe in facts. Let us not practice orthodox rules which discriminate against a particular group of people.
  10. Stop comparing yourselves to others: In our society, it is very common for people to compare themselves with others. It especially starts from childhood when parents compare their kids’ success with those of others. This comparison creates a lot of negativity in the person being compared and in others too. Every success is unique because every success has hard work behind it. So stop comparing people’s hard work. Everyone has different potential and they should be known for who they are and not for who they couldn’t be.
  11. Be environment friendly: It is not an unknown fact that the environment has utterly deteriorated in the past few years. Issues like pollution, global warming, and climate change has gripped the world giving us warnings of life threat. So this year, let us practice environmentally friendly habits. Let us not litter the environment with waste or harmful elements. Let us be mindful towards our responsibility of keeping our environment safe and clean.
  12. Self-love: It is okay if you had setbacks in the past year. It is okay if you committed mistakes you cannot solve. But it is not okay if you started loving yourself less. From this year, let us promise ourselves that we will never criticise ourselves or be negative. Let us promise that no matter what happens we will not give up on ourselves. Let us promise that our love for ourselves will only increase in the coming year.

Views expressed are the author's own

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