10 Health Resolutions Every Woman Should Make For 2021

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Every year we make a lot of resolutions, most of which we are unable to keep up with. However, there is no better way of kick starting new year than a healthy lifestyle. Making and following resolutions which take care of your physical, emotional and mental well being are important.

Here are 10 health resolutions every woman should make for 2021.

1. Going For Regular Health Checkups

Women are often busy taking care of everyone else that they often keep themselves at a low priority list. However, we need to understand that going for regular health checkups can help us identify a disease at an early stage, making us cope up with it better. It can also help us know what deficiency we have so that we can work for removal of the same. So ladies, this 2021, let’s get cracking with regular checkups once every three months.

2. Avoiding Self Medication

When it comes to suffering from any disease, women tend to follow the ‘mama knows best’ ideology. Well this might be true most times but in this case, it is strictly non-advisable as it can be really dangerous. It can worsen the condition. This 2021, make a pact, any health related issue, visit the doctor.

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3. Self Protection

With growing age, women need certain vitamins and minerals more than others. Consult your doctor and start taking pills for those vitamins which are required more. One more healthy way towards self protection can be eating a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

4. Maintaining A Balanced Diet

This does not mean that you start dieting and starve yourself. No! Just maintaining a balanced diet with the right amount of fruits and vegetables is enough. Cutting down on fried and processed foods and monitoring the amount of sugar you consume can also be a good way towards a healthy life-style. Remember the saying, “The groundwork of all happiness is health”.

5. Drinking More Water

Just eating the right amount of food isn’t enough, drinking the right amount of water is also important. Women require 12 cups of water on a daily basis. Apart from that drinking lemon water and water with mint leaves is also a good practice to follow.

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6. Exercising

This is one of the most broken resolutions of all times. However, exercising is really important. Not only does it helps you stay fit, but also increases your bone density. If you say that you don’t have, there are fun ways of exercising at home. Walk while talking on the phone, take the stairs not the lift, 15 minute walk on your terrace, dance on your favourite tracks or do jumping jacks on some catchy beats.

7. Meditation

It can be a good resolution to start from 2021. Women have so many roles to play, that they hardly have time for themselves. In this scenario, adding just 15 minutes of meditation to your routine chart can help you be happy and make you feel relaxed.

8. Taking Care Of Your Skin

Good skin is also a part of being healthy. So pamper yourself as much as you can. Keep your skin nourished. Apply moisturiser and sunscreen every time you go out.

9. Proper Sleep Cycle

For all your body parts to be fully recharged the next day, a proper sleep cycle is necessary. Try to get atleast 6 hours undisturbed sleep at night. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks before going to bed. Keep your phone at a distance from yourself. Replace it with an alarm clock.

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10. Chilling

Today’s fast life is full of stress. If you are a woman, it becomes harder with a lot of responsibilities. To carry out these responsibilities, you need to relax too. Plan one outdoor trip every week and once in a while go on a vacay to de-stress yourself.