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What Is The Sirtfood Diet That Helped British Singer Adele Lose Weight

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Singing sensation Adele is in spotlight for two reasons. First is the release of her album 30 on November 19 which is her first in six years. Secondly, a lot of questions are being raised about her wellness journey which included Sirtfood diet. She has reportedly lost 45kg weight.

Here’s everything you want to know about Sirtfood diet

  • As per nutritionists, Sirtfoods are foods high in a micronutrient called polyphenols. These are found in some plant foods.
  • According to a research, sirtuins may play an important role in longevity and disease management in animals and humans.
  • Polyphenols have the power to activate the sirtuin pathway. Eating a diet rich in polyphenols, or sirtfoods has many benefits as it supercharges fat loss, health and longevity.
  • Sirtfoods include dark chocolate, onions, celery, parsley, arugula, kale red wine, green tea, strawberries, coffee, walnuts and soy.
  • Sirtfoods should be eaten with protein for a meal.
  • According to popular nutritionist Ms Michelle Lau, the diet has some drawbacks as it restricts what and how much one can eat. Following it in the long term, therefore, becomes difficult. One advantage, however, is that the list of foods includes items that are also there on most healthy food lists. This is the diet’s biggest selling point.
  • Sirtfood diet needs to include fruits, vegetables and other plant foods. Diets that are high in plant foods have been associated with a lower risk of obesity and various diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, as per a report.
  • Foods in Sirtfood diet are high in healthy compounds such as vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Besides this, they also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses and diseases related to ageing.

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