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What Is Multiple Myeloma, The Cancer Kirron Kher Is Battling? Know Signs And Prognosis

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What is multiple myeloma? On April 1, the Kher family announced that veteran actor Kirron Kher is undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, in Mumbai. She was reportedly diagnosed with the disease last year in November, with the disease having spread to her left arm and right shoulder. The 68-year-old battled cancer for four months at Kokilaben Hospital and is now recovering with scheduled visits to hospital.

“She’s always been a fighter and takes things head on… She’s all heart [and] will come out of this stronger,” her husband Anupam Kher wrote on Twitter. Updates on Kirron Kher’s health here.

Here Is Your Guide To What Is Multiple Myeloma, How To Spot Signs, What Is The Prognosis

For expert insight into the subject, we spoke to Dr Anjana Sainani, MD and Medical Oncologist, who has over 25 years of experience. She currently practices at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai. 

What is multiple myeloma? 

Dr Sainani explains multiple myeloma as “Increased proliferation of plasma cells in the bone marrow which results in excess production of one type of proteins formed by these cells. Bone marrow is occupied by these abnormally growing plasma cells and seen as bone destructive areas with or without symptoms.”

A layperson can understand multiple myeloma as cancer that has its roots in white blood cells called plasma cells, wherein the disease blocks out healthy cells in the bone marrow.

It impacts the immune system and also significantly affects normal bone marrow function and therefore results in anemia. Other effects it prompts is increased protein secretion, “which makes blood viscous and even can get deposited in kidneys leading to reduced kidney filtration. Blood calcium rises to very high levels as bone gets resorbed by these tumours.”

Why is it called ‘multiple’ myeloma? Since it is seen affecting multiple bones, the cancer is named such. When a single bone is affected, the disease is referred to as plasmacytoma.

Early Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For 

  • Any bone pains, backache, easy fractures without trauma
  • Paleness, weakness or lethargy
  • Increased somnolence (sleepiness or drowsiness)
  • Headaches, breathlessness without exertion
  • Swelling over feet
  • Reduced urination
  • Increased leg cramps, weight loss
  • Frequent infections like pneumonia

What is multiple myeloma treatment and prognosis? 

Dr Sainani explains multiple myeloma is generally incurable without a stem cell or bone marrow transplant. However, modern treatment has made it possible for the patient to live a fuller, more prolonged life than was previously possible.

There are many nonchemotherapy treatment options for reversing the disease process,” she says.

The prognosis would thus include a “holistic treatment of the baseline disease” with attention to its effect on other organs. “It can require multidisciplinary management like kidney dialysis, pain management, local radiotherapy, fracture repair and blood transfusions.”

Who is at most risk of developing multiple myeloma? 

Persons above 50 years of age are more prone to multiple myeloma. This cancer shows male preponderance, ie, it affects more men by numbers.

Are there any preventative measures for multiple myeloma? 

Dr Sainani advises keeping an eye out for the signs and symptoms (as mentioned in previous sections) of multiple myeloma and seeking immediate medical attention if any are spotted. In addition, health checkups with verified medical professionals should be made routine.

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What Is Multiple Myeloma, The Cancer Kirron Kher Is Battling? Know Signs And Prognosis
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