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What Are The Red Flags That Show You Have UTI? Explains Dr. Cuterus AKA Dr. Tanaya Narendra

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Symptoms of UTI: Apart from all other symptoms UTI curses patients with, embarrassment and public awkwardness is the most inevitable one. Imagine being in a meeting and you suddenly get the strong urge of peeing and when you finally make it to the washroom, two to three drops of urine comes out, that too with immense pain.

According to Dr Tanaya Narendra, urinary tract infections or UTIs are those infections that occur somewhere starting from the kidneys to the urethra.

The vaginal hole and the urethral opening are two different entry/exit points of the body of a vulva owner. Both are quite equally exposed to the bacteria causing such infections. However, thanks to the good bacteria present in the vagina, the infections fail to occur in the vaginal entry. Unfortunately, the urethral opening, being just four cm in length, is more vulnerable to the infection and makes its way for the bacteria to climb up to the ureter to the kidneys.

When the bacteria reach the kidneys, causing infections there, the condition becomes critical and can even be considered fatal, making it of utmost importance for you to contact a doctor as soon as you identify the first symptom of infections down there.

What Are The Symptoms Of UTI?

As explained by Dr Narendra, the notable symptoms include having the urge to pee all the time and not being able to pee properly accompanied by a burning/hurting sensation while peeing. The pain can expand itself to the abdomen with high fever and chills.

Why And When Can You Get UTI?

Being a commonly agreed fact by most women, UTIs are mostly experienced for the first time after your first time sex. This is so because sex is a process that includes a lot of friction, causing microscopic cuts in the vagina. This leads to unwanted exposure to the bacteria. Taking the cue of the opportunity, the bacteria invade the vulnerable area.

The already entered bacteria mostly get killed due to the good bacteria present in the vagina, however, the left bacteria move to the urethral opening or your peeing hole, causing an infection in your bladder.

Hence, UTIs due to sex can be avoided by the proper use of water-based lubricants and condom. Also, according to what Dr Narendra states to be everyone’s mantra, it is mandatory for all the vulva owners to pee after sex. This will flush out the bad bacteria present in the urinary tract, making it a very important defence mechanism.

Nevertheless, it is incorrect to assume that if you never have sex, you will not get the infection because sex is although a common cause of urinary infection, it isn’t the only cause.

Other common reasons include being dehydration and peeing in unhygienic locations.

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