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Vaginal Dryness During Sex. Why Does It Happen?

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Vaginal Dryness During Sex : Sex is an integral part of any relationship. However, something like vaginal dryness can destroy the experience for the couple and you would surely not want that. So what exactly is vaginal dryness? How does it affect a person’s sex life and what’s the solution to this?

What is Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal Dryness is a symptom that’s often expressed as burning, vaginal discomfort, raw soreness in the vagina, discomfort while having sex or itching. The ovaries in a woman produce active estrogen as long as she is menstruating. This keeps the vagina moist, keeps its walls thick and maintains the elasticity of the vagina. In certain phases of a woman’s life, this activity of estrogen can be compromised either temporarily or permanently and this leads to vaginal dryness.

Why does vaginal dryness occur during sex?

According to MS Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Tanushree Pandey, there are psychological and physical aspects behind the same.

Psychological Aspects

We are living in an age where stress levels are skyrocketing. We are sleep deprived. The anxiety levels are so high and all that leads to a constant stress in our mind which leads to decrease of the estrogen level or the happy hormones and decreasing the level of lubrication in our body. According to Dr. Pandey, it is something happening to you at the psychological level and you cannot control it.

She says that lack of foreplay is another aspect that leads to vaginal dryness. Your partner expects you to be this lubrication churning machine and hit straight away to sex and it doesn’t work that way.

Physical aspects

Certain medicines like anti-depressants can cause vaginal dryness. Besides this, strong feminine washes that have strong fragrance alter the pH level of your vagina leading to vaginal dryness.

Physiological aspects

Certain physiological aspects like you are breastfeeding or approaching menopause also lead to vaginal dryness.


Dr. Pandey suggests talking to your partner about foreplay, decreasing stress levels and doing some meditation and peaceful and mindful thinking to increase lubrication are some options to increase lubrication adding that one shouldn’t shy away from going to a gynaecologist if it becomes difficult to get rid of this problem. She also advised women to use a water-based fragrance free lubricant only because others can cause vaginal itching and infection.

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