How To Reduce Post Pregnancy Fat

Is the baby fat after pregnancy too resistant to leave? If yes then here are some tips just for you to the fitness you want.

Shriya Sarang
Feb 03, 2021 17:49 IST
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Probably the most resistant fat ever in our body is belly fat. Flab, also called the 'baby fat', is the belly fat that most women get around their tummies after a baby is born. This post pregnancy fat is the accumulation of the excess food we all had during the pregnancy to feed our little ones. When women want to get rid of this fat, here's are some ways you can get back on a fitness regime.


1. Cut down on the Alcohol

Sure it's cool but it's just calories and calories and calories in a single drink. And these calories would then be stored in our body as more fat! So rather than losing fat, we're actually gaining more fat by consuming alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol may have certain benefits in small amounts but drinking too much can seriously prove to be harmful to your body. So yes, cut down on as much alcohol as possible.


2. Avoid Sugar

Sugar can really prove to be dangerous for our bodies irrespective of we trying to lose weight or not. Consuming excess amounts of sugar can lead to heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver diseases.

5 Ways you can reduce post pregnancy fat to get on a fitness regime after the baby is born


As sugar contains fructose, if it is not consumed in control then it can link us with several chronic diseases. Hence, while losing weight, one must completely avoid taking in excess sugar. Cutting on the extra spoons in beverages and controlling our sweet tooth can take us a long way in our flab to a feel fabulous journey. 

3. Train with weights

Weight lifting also called strength training is said to build and preserve muscle mass. In fact, the combination of aerobic exercises and weight training can help you work on visceral fat too. 


It is best to get yourself the right workout according to your present body stats and your goal body stats with a certified personal trainer.

4. Have Probiotics

Probiotics have good bacteria as we like to call it. These good bacteria can work magic for your digestive system. And as they say, a good stomach means a good body, probiotics can help you get there. They not only improve your gut health but also strengthen your immune system.


Several pieces of research have shown that the right balance of these bacteria can help you regulate your weight and work your belly fat too.

Some of the members of the Lactobacillus family, such as Lactobacillus fermentumLactobacillus amylovorus, and especially Lactobacillus gasseri are proved to work on belly fat. Find out the right kind of probiotic for you with the help of a dietitian and get right on to it.

5. Restful Sleep!


Finally, something fun that we'd love to do. Though it'll be hard to get a good amount of sleep because of the body clock of infants and that's the one thing that can harm your body than do any good. 

A 16-year study involving more than 68,000 women found that those who slept less than 5 hours per night were significantly more likely to gain weight than those who slept 7 hours or more per night.

This condition is also linked to visceral fat and is called sleep apnea when the body stops breathing for brief intervals during sleep. To avoid all this, make sure you are getting a good 7-hour sleep every day. Try to work out a timetable with the other caregivers of the child and sleep in turns if you want to. But 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is what you NEED!

All this said and done, remember you want to lose the fat to feel great and not because of any social pressure. You have had a baby and it is completely normal to gain weight after pregnancy. And so it is normal to shed it again for your own satisfaction. Remember not to go too hard on yourself. Weight loss demands a lot of perseverance from your side. So keep the goal clear in front of your eyes - a healthy and happy body. And keep working.

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