Unveiling Power Of Plant Proteins For PCOS Patients

Plant proteins are considered as game-changer for those battling PCOS due to their nutritional content and health benefits. It helps women in many ways, from weight management to better productive, energtic days.

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But why plant proteins? You may wonder. PCOS patients find plant proteins help them on many counts, from weight management to better productive days. Let's take a look at some stories at Gytree where 90 per cent of women using the protein saw a drop in hairfall and improved PCOS management. 


Plant proteins like this are considered a game-changer for those battling PCOS due to their nutritional content and health benefits. You might not be aware but these proteins are packed with phytonutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which are all key players in supporting a healthy body and managing PCOS symptoms. 

1. Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels 

The consumption of plant proteins is known to stabilise blood sugar levels. This is crucial for PCOS patients, as they often struggle with insulin resistance. Stable blood sugars mean fewer cravings and more balanced energy levels throughout the day. 

2. Enhancement of Gut Health 

Did you know that plant proteins are bountiful in dietary fibre? This support extends to your gut health by promoting healthy digestion. This can help reduce the inflammatory symptoms often associated with PCOS. 

Payal based out of Vadodara is completing her PhD and has been a patient of severe PCOS for a long time. She has acne, weight issues and lethargy. For her, the first step has been getting protein to manage weight and not losing energy or vital proteins & minerals. "I got the protein so I could make a start to a long-drawn effort to control my PCOS. I have been tired of taking birth control pills and dealing with acne. But as advised, I need to go step by step and first regularise my diet. Plant protein has been a big help in this regard."


3. Support for Heart Health 

Plant proteins typically have lower saturated fats than their animal counterparts. As a result, they can lower the levels of 'bad' cholesterol in the body, supporting heart health. Women with existing health conditions remain at a higher risk for heart disease, so incorporating plant proteins into the diet can be a beneficial move. 

4. Aid in Weight Management 

Because they're high in fibre and lower in calories, plant proteins can aid in weight management, a common concern for individuals with PCOS. Plant proteins like this one help you feel full and ensure you don't snack or each too many meals a day. 

"Bear in mind these are not overnight solutions but small dietary changes that can significantly impact your journey with PCOS," says nutritionist at Gytree Chahat Vasdev.

So are you ready to give it a shot? 

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