These Women Are Raising Awareness About Mental Health On Social Media

A section of social media influencers, who would otherwise talk about brands and what skincare regime to follow, have also started imparting knowledge on sensitive mental issues. Is it safe to refer to such content when there is not surety of its accuracy? 

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Instagram mental health advocates ,Mental Health Advocates
Instagram Mental Health Advocates: The discussion on mental health is suddenly everywhere. Many people have found it to share their issues with strangers as it somehow feels safer. With so much information all around, there is also massively misleading pieces of information surfacing on people's timeline.

A section of social media influencers, who would otherwise talk about brands and what skincare regime to follow, have also started imparting knowledge on sensitive mental issues. Is it safe to refer to such content when there is no surety of its accuracy?

Thanks to informed users and creators on the platform who are making sure that netizens get to know the nuances of mental health. From helping people identify problematic patterns to busting myths about mental health, mental health advocates are making things a little easier for us. Some of them are mental health professionals, advocates or just regular people who share their vulnerable stories to remind people that they are not alone in the struggle.

Sravya Attaluri

The London-based artist named Sravyaa Attaluri is making use of the digital space to talk about mental health with the help of illustrations. The bold colours in her art seem to convince the distracted users of Instagram that their thoughts matter, their mental health needs care. In every post, Attaluri makes sure to put a disclaimer that she is just an artist and not a mental health professional.

Her creative works are always with an important message. In her recent post, the artist posted her picture holding a artwork which said, "Seeking support is a sign of strength. You are not alone." In the caption, Attaluri shared that it is something she learned during an online therapy session and urged people to seek help if they need.

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Ayushee Ghoshal 

Mental health activist, Ayushee Ghoshal talks about body positivity and emotional well-being with her poems. She often shares her personal struggles with her followers to raise the issue that many of us need to acknowledge our feelings. She recently posted a video of a meditation session she conducted with a psychologist. The video educated people on breathing techniques and other vital information on emotional well-being. Ghoshal has also organised a series of sessions called AyuOkay with a positivity coach who would talk to people about emotional language.

Being a social media personality with a large number of followers, Ghoshal makes sure to collaborate with several mental health professionals to put out content that is informed and can prove beneficial for her followers.

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Divija Bhasin 

A trained professional in psychology, Bhasin makes sure to bust several myths around mental health floating on social media. She keeps making reels around the subject of well-being without forcing the viewers to believe in one particular idea. As she says, that a therapist can only suggest ways to improve an individual's mental health and not order them.


When the popular series Family Man season 2 came out with scenes of a peculiar therapist, Bhasin made a video reviewing the scene. As a professional, she informed the users about what things were wrongly portrayed in the series. Bhasin had posted many such videos in which she is seen addressing popular content, memes, and films among others to inform people what was right and wrong in it. She also keeps educating her followers with basic phycology facts.

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Akanksha Bhatia 

Popularly known as Sappy Writer on Instagram, Bhatia talks about all things mental health with her focus on troubles of anxiety. The writer-designer herself deals with anxiety and puts out content that helps her deal with it. Recently, she has been doing a series of 100 days in which she will share her daily struggles with the mental condition with her followers.

Her social media handle is populated with posts that start with Dear Diary and are followed by a couple of lines. One day, her post read, "Dear Diary, today was just okay and that is okay." It is not surprising how her mundane notes speak to so many people on social media.

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Sonali Gupta

Being a clinical phycologist and a published author, Gupta's Instagram account contains lot of credible information on all things mental health. The phycologist makes sure to share her thoughts on some of subjects massively discussed on social media and helps bring attention to the facts. She also keeps sharing books and relevant resources on mental health for the followers to themselves access the information from right sources.

Earlier this year, she had published a column in a leading daily where she talked about people can grieve and heal during the pandemic.

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Tanvii Bhandari

The account run by Bhandari educates people about simple acts of self-love and emotional well-being via illustrations. She makes sure to add detailed captions under the illustrations

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