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5 Important Things To Know About White Fungus

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The White Fungus infection now threatens to wreak havoc, just after the emergence of the black fungal infection or Mucormycosis.

Now, a total of four cases of the white fungus has been recorded in Patna, Bihar. To make matters worse, health experts have raised an alarm regarding the white fungus. They have said that the infection caused by the white fungus, is far more dangerous than the black fungal infection.

What do the health experts say?

Dr S N Singh, the chief of microbiology at the Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) according to a report by Zee News said that all the four people who contracted the White Fungal infection showed coronavirus-like symptoms, but didn’t test positive for the virus. However, all the patients recovered from the infection after they were treated with anti-fungal medications.

The Nodal Officer for COVID-19 at All India Institue of Medical Science, Patna, Dr Sanjeev Kumar told ShethePeople, “There is no evidence of the white fungus so far. There is evidence for the cases reportedly detected. There is no information about the infected patients. What is their biopsy report? Where are they admitted?”

He added, ” No such cases have been reported in AIIMS Patna.”

How is the White Fungal infection more dangerous?

The White Fungal infection is reported to be more dangerous, as it infects many vital organs of the body. This includes lungs, stomach, kidney, brain, mouth, skin, nails, and also the private parts.

The Indian Medical Association head of Patna, Ajay Kumar said that no such cases of white fungus infection have been reported to him so far.

” It is not more dangerous than Black Fungus,” he said.

How is the White Fungal infection detected?

The White Fungal infection is detected through the High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) scan. Doctors have reportedly said that if a person shows COVID-like symptoms are detected in the HRCT scan, it is also mandatory to examine the mucus culture.

Who is more vulnerable to the White Fungus?

Just like the black fungal infection, people having diabetes, or are taking steroids are more vulnerable to the fungus. This is because such people already have low immunity, and are more likely to get severely infected by the White Fungus.

What are the symptoms of White Fungus Infection?

The White Fungus has cropped up in the midst of the already, dangerous black infection. This infection can be really serious, if it is not treated on time. Some of its symptoms include black crust in the nose bridge, swelling in cheeks, breathing difficulty, congestion, cough, etc.