5 Different Types Of Vaginal Discharge And What They Mean

How does one know what kind of discharge is healthy? We tell you 5 ways to identify.

Tanvi Akhauri
Nov 27, 2020 11:16 IST
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Confused about the weird-looking stuff on your pretty undies? Don't know what it is and where it came from? Is it an ominous sign of strange stuff happening inside your body? Well, don't worry, for we have brought you some answers. First off, that seemingly icky stuff secreted by your vagina is called vaginal discharge and is completely normal. Even healthy, in fact, since it is a way for your vagina to keep itself clean. It's nothing but expelled waste, just like your body releases other wastes it doesn't need to store.


Our bodies are all different and beautiful, and hence, so are our respective vaginal wastes. Maybe not beautiful, but you get the gist. Nevertheless, no two discharges are the same. They are of different types, different colours, and different frequencies. In which case the question arises: How does one know what kind of discharge is healthy?

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In consultation with Dr Tanaya Narendra, a millennial doctor focused on women’s health and sexual wellness, we tell you how to identify your 5 kinds of vaginal discharge and what that indicates about your health:


1. Transparent (Egg White)

Now while this doesn't paint a pretty picture, it is what it is. Normal vaginal discharge is sticky to touch with the finger and usually has a transparent colour and consistency, much like egg whites. It can even appear creamy or white or light grey. This is the colour range your discharge must ideally fall within. Any other colour accompanied by very funky smells, Dr Tanaya says, can indicate that something's up with your vagina.

2. Red


Usually, vaginal discharge tinged with red can be an indication of a nearing menstruation cycle, since the body may expel some blood in the days leading up to it. But in case the discharge is red, with your periods nowhere in sight, it can suggest an injury downstairs. It would be best to consult a doctor in this situation.

3. Brown

Brownish discharge, again, can indicate residue from your period cycle that has just gone by. Vaginal discharge, in this case, is brown because your vagina has an acidic environment which can turn blood brown by digesting it. This is completely normal but only before, during, or after your period. Any other time of the month that your discharge shows a brown tint, head to the doctor.


4. Green Or Yellow

When you see very odd coloured vaginal discharge on your underwear or while in the toilet, it should raise your alarm. Discharge that is green, yellow, and sometimes even blue Dr Tanaya says, can be an indication of sexually transmitted infections or STIs. "STIs like chlamydia or gonorrhoea can give you green or yellow colour discharge. If you see this run to the doctor," she says.

5. Curdy White


Watch out for when your vaginal discharge looks like "curd." It could be a sign of a fungal infection, in which case, your vagina will constantly feel itchy. Another thing to look out for is if your discharge smells "fishy" or "ammonia-like" or "metallic." This could indicate bacterial vaginosis, which signals a change in the pH balance of your vagina. If you notice these signs, you must definitely pay a visit to the doctor.

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