Here's Why You Should Definitely Include Cucumber In Your Diet

Not only do cucumbers help our body by keeping it hydrated but also provide enough nutrients to fight the heat. Cucumbers are made of 96 percent water and hence are a ‘must eat’ vegetable in summers.

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On a hot sunny day, spotting a handcart with cucumbers is not a difficult task. It is said that cucumbers are made of 96 percent water and hence are a ‘must eat’ vegetable in summers. Not only do they help our body by keeping it hydrated but also provide enough nutrients to fight the heat. We list out some amazing benefits of cucumbers.


Help in promoting brain health

Cucumbers contain flavonoids, a group of plant metabolites which are said to provide health benefits through cell signalling pathways and antioxidant effects. This collectively, helps in improving and nourishing our brain health. In short, the organic compound strengthens the connection of neurons to your brain and is hence found helpful in promoting brain health. It is said that age does bring damage to our brain cells which hampers our ability to retain things. Cucumbers help eliminate this possibility to an extent by protecting the nerve cells from the damage age can bring.

Helps relieve stress

Cucumbers are loaded with enough vitamins to keep your nervous system in a good state and help your body cells to function as they were meant to be. This further helps in balancing the entire nervous system which therefore helps in relieving stress and anxiety. They also provide your body with Vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Helps in digestion

It is said that soluble fiber dissolves in water and helps your body in absorbing the essential nutrients from food. This means, to improve your digestion and absorb maximum nutrients from the food, you really need to take in food rich in fiber. When it comes to cucumbers, they are definitely a good choice for fiber. Moreover, due to its high water content, cucumber softens the stool and also manages the bowel movement. This helps treat constipations, gastritis, ulcer and many other stomach related disorders.


Has anti-diabetic properties

Cucumber has been found to be rich in phytonutrients. These substances are known to improve blood sugar by either release of insulin, improving insulin action or reducing blood sugar levels. All these process are linked with lowering of blood sugar level. Additionally, since cucumbers are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, they can easily be included in a diabetic meal.

Stronger bones, nails and teeth

Cucumber undoubtedly is used by many for their skin. So it does help you in getting a flawless skin. But ever thought it helps strengthen your bones too? Cucumber contains Ascorbic acid and Caffeic Acid. Both of them help strengthen your body’s ligaments. Silica, which helps in the formation of connective tissues, is also present in cucumber and helps strengthen the weak bones too.

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