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Benefits of Rose Water and How it Can Help you Keep your Skin Healthy

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Benefits of Rose Water : Rose is always used not only as the source of perfume but it is also used in medicines.  But, have you ever thought, why is rose water found in nearly every Indian house?

Be it any kind of skin it can be a part of your daily regime. Rosewater is easily available in the market and is mostly used by every woman. Before buying red water from the shop, make sure it has 100% rose water. Rosewater gives all the benefits of water to the skin with the anti-inflammatory and hydrating advantage of rose.  The fragrance of rose water is amazing. Although it is also used in some cuisines most preferably it is used for skin care. 

Make Rose Water at Home?

You can make rose water at home with rose petals and distilled water. You can use rose water in various ways on the skin like skin toner,  as a natural perfume, face refresher, natural perfume, and as a make-up setter too. The best way to get all the benefits of rose water is after washing your face, apply it at night. Rosewater can do wonders to one’s skin.

History of Rose Water

If we talk about the history of rose water, it was produced in the 10th century. When Cleopatra,  queen of Egypt used natural products for skin care.  

Benefits of Rose Water

Here we have listed six powerful and useful advantages of rose water:  

  • Applying rose water can help to strengthen skin cells and to regenerate skin tissues.
  • Rosewater reduces redness and blotchiness in the skin.
  • The scent of rose water helps you to sleep better. It is considered to be a mood enhancer.
  • It is considered an excellent option to remove make-up. Baby oil is another option.  If you use oil to remove make-up, use rose water to cool down your face.
  • Rosewater controls excess oil and helps maintain pH balance.
  • If you have frizzy hair, then apply rose water with an equal amount of glycerin, and apply on the scalp and wash after 30 minutes.
Rose Water benefits, benefits of rose water

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Disclaimer: We have collated publicly available info on rose water benefits. We always advise seeking a doctor’s help for any complex issue you are suffering from



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Benefits of Rose Water and How it Can Help you Keep your Skin Healthy
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