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G20 Empower: Here’s India’s Financial Contribution To Women’s Empowerment

India's Financial Contribution Toward Women's Empowerment
India’s Financial Contribution Toward Women’s Empowerment amounts to 500,000 dollars to the UN Women lately. On behalf of India, Ruchira Kamboj, permanent representative of India to the UN handed over the cheque as a voluntary investment toward women’s empowerment this year.

Ruchira Kamboj conveyed in her tweet that India stands for women-led development and participation of women in STEM subjects. This is also a G20 Empower goal that is being pursued through India’s Presidency this year at the G20 forum.

On the other end, Sima Sami Bahous received the check on behalf of UN Women. Bahous is the Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women.

Ruchira Kamboj’s Stance on India’s Financial Contribution Toward Women’s Empowerment

Kamboj expressed delight in her tweet to have been the one to hand over the budget to UN Women.

She affirmed that India is dedicated to the cause of women-led development and women empowerment in all spheres of life. India therefore wholeheartedly endorses the UN Women mandate.

She proposed that UN Women made use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) available at their disposal to empower women.

India continues to lend its support to UN Women for its noble cause of supporting women in every step they take toward growth and development.

India has conveyed that it is respectful and appreciative of the development-based hands-on approach the UN Women take toward empowering women. India’s agenda of Nari Shakti in this G20 Presidency perfectly aligns with the UN Women’s goal.

India proudly stands as one of the founding members of UN Women on its Executive Board.

India’s G20 motto this year is to support women-led development at the grassroots level. Women-led businesses will be getting priority and women’s participation in STEM subjects and other fields is sought after.

The goal is to feed the above-mentioned essential goals into the G20 Leaders Declaration. The G20 Nations can then act on the policies prescribed to enhance women’s participation and women-led development in their nations.

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