Six Films On Wellbeing You Must Watch On World Mental Health Day

Movies and television series depicting mental health in a respectful manner have played a large role in helping society understand mental health.

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World Mental Health Day is observed each year on October 10 to raise awareness about mental health issues. It was first observed in 1994 and as years passed, the perception of mental health shifted and the themes for World Mental Health Day expanded.

Movies and television series depicting mental health in a respectful manner have played a large role in helping society understand mental health. On this World Mental Health Day, we’ve compiled a list of must-watch films about mental health.

Films About Mental Health

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Perks Of Being A Wallflower is the 2012 coming-of-age film based on a novel of the same name written by Stephen Chbosky. The film received critical acclaim and was praised for its depiction of high school and mental health. Actor Logan Lerman stars as Charlie, a teenager struggling with his first year in high school, clinical depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


This 2004 film is a poignant portrayal of a teenager grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder during her high school years. Adapted from Laurie Halse Anderson's acclaimed book, Speak, it delves into the complexities of adolescent friendships while concealing a deep-seated secret.


Melinda, the central character, endured a traumatic event over the summer, leaving her with no friends and unable to speak. Her silence goes unnoticed by everyone in her life. Her only solace comes from an unconventional art teacher and his unique lessons. As the story unfolds, Melinda must summon the courage to break her silence and confront her haunting past.

Dear Zindagi

The 2016 film Dear Zindagi stars Alia Bhatt as Kaira, a cinematographer discontent with her life who seeks out a therapist for her insomnia.

In India, the stigma attached to mental health and therapy often hinders people from seeking the help they require. However, Dear Zindagi normalised therapy and showed a young woman seeking out help when she needed it.

Kaira’s complex relationship with her parents is also looked into, along with how her abandonment issues affect her present relationships.

Inside Out


The animated 2015 film Inside Out follows Riley Davis (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias), a young girl who is attempting to adapt to her family’s relocation. The film personified Davis’s emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, portraying how the emotions influenced her.

The film discussed how it was okay to be sad and not repress those feelings, displayed how sadness could lead to depression and the importance of asking for help during times of emotional crisis.

During production, filmmakers consulted psychologists and neuroscientists to portray the mind accurately.


Chhichhore, featuring Sushant Singh Rajput, shines a light on the often-overlooked topic of mental health and the sacrifices made in the relentless pursuit of success.

Chhichhore addresses mental health by showcasing the impact of academic pressure and societal expectations on young individuals. It highlights the importance of emotional well-being, friendship, and resilience in overcoming life's challenges. Through the characters' experiences and Rajput's fatherly guidance, the film emphasises that success is not solely determined by academic achievements and that mental health should be a priority in one's journey towards self-discovery and fulfilment.


Horse Girl

Horse Girl is a 2020 psychological drama film starring Alison Brie as Sarah, an introverted woman who lost her mother to suicide a year ago. Sarah's life becomes uprooted when it seems her dreams are seeping into real life.

She experiences multiple incidents of sleepwalking and time loss and has a familial history of mental health problems.

Brie said that the character she portrays stems from her own family history and that her maternal grandmother lived with paranoid schizophrenia. She said, "I grew up hearing stories about her and my mother’s childhood and just knowing that mental illness existed in my bloodline."

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