“Some Said I’ve Crossed Certain Age Limit” Says Zareen Khan On Learning Gymnastics

Zareen Khan body shaming
Actor Zareen Khan has put aside discouraging remarks and suggestions that advised her to not learn gymnastics.

The Housefull 2 actor took to Instagram to share an update from her first class and express her joy in overcoming the hindrances. Khan could be seen attempting a headstand in the recent video. She wrote, “Gymnastics is something I always wanted to learn”.

Zareen Khan mentioned that whenever she shared the thought with people around her they would tell her that she has “crossed a certain age limit” or is “overweight for this exercise form/sport”. However, she paid no heed to anyone’s advice and began to learn a new skill.

“Some said I cannot learn it now as I’ve crossed a certain age limit and because this is something that’s learnt when you are a kid and your body can be moulded as you grow,” she wrote in the caption.

The actor was also advised to not take up gymnastics as, apparently, “people who are thin or of certain weight can do this without injuring themselves”.

None of the instructions could scare the actor who finally said “F**K IT’ to all these demotivating mouths”.

“Feeling happy and proud, looking forward to learning a lot more,” she concluded.

Previously, Zareen Khan has revealed that she faced fat-shaming after she made her debut in Bollywood. The actor who weighed more than 100kg when in college confirmed that she was never bullied back then.

She made her acting debut alongside Salman Khan in the 2010 film Veer and has since worked in films such as Ready, Housefull 2, and 1921.

“I am an actor, judge me on my acting abilities, not my weight, colour, or height,” she added.

The actor also revealed that she had to put on weight for her debut film on the makers demand as she was playing “an 18th-century queen and they wanted to keep it authentic”.

“That did not go down well, and I was fat-shamed,” she added.