Searching For Powerful Women Centric Films? Here Are 5 From 2021

feminist films 2021
Women centric films 2021: Movies that speak about women, tell stories of their struggles and success are my absolute favourites. Given that for a long time, women were used as mere eye candies in films, it’s good to see them receiving their due credits and playing substantial roles now.

The Indian cinema has brought forth some strong female characters who inspire and motivate us to fight our fears, stand up against social stigmas and move on. Read on to meet some of these women from 2021 films.

Women centric films 2021: Are these 5 names on your watchlist?

1. Sara’s

Sara Vincent (Anna Ben) is an associate director and dreams of becoming a freelance director. She gets married to Jeevan Philip and both of them are sure that they do not want to have children. However, they are not free from the obvious societal pressure that demands them to come up with a “good news”. But does she conform? The movie explores the themes of voluntary childlessness as well as the judgements women face because of their choices.

2. Sherni

Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan), a forest officer, with the help of her team sets out to catch a tigress who was killing villagers. In the process, she faces rampant sexism because of her gender. Even at home, when her mother and mother-in-law come to visit her, they are quick to demand a child. But she clearly states that she is in no mood to have one. Sherni busts the myth around women being inefficient when it comes to handling untoward situations. It also proves that women don’t need children to feel ‘complete’.

3. Shaadisthan

Sasha (Kriti Kulhari), the lead vocalist of a music band is an independent woman who lives on her own terms. When she comes to know that Arshi’s (Medha Shankar) parents want to get her engaged against her desire a day after her 18th birthday, she tries to convince her mother to reconsider the decision. The movie projects how Indian parents prioritise their daughters’ marriage over their consent and happiness. It also focuses on the harsh reality that women are often forced by circumstances to abide by societal norms. But it ultimately ends on a positive note with Arshi’s parents withdrawing their choice to get their daughter married early.

4. Pagglait

Pagglait has a unique take on how the society should approach a widowed woman. Sandhya (Sanya Malhotra) loses her husband a few months after her wedding and is unable to mourn his death. As the film proceeds, her in laws want her to get remarried. Though she agrees initially but ultimately changes her mind and leaves to apply for a job. Widowhood does not mark the end of a woman’s life. Nor does it prepare her for another marriage. This is what the movie tries to deliver.

5. Photo Prem

Sunanda (Neena Kulkarni) is a camera shy woman. She has always been absent from family photographs and wonders how she will be remembered after death. Because of her self consciousness, she finds it difficult to go to a studio and get herself photographed. Meanwhile, she becomes obsessed with obituary notices. Whether she overcomes her fear of being photographed or not is what you will discover on watching the film.