Kassidy Pierson, TikToker Raising Awareness About Melanoma, Dies: Who Was She?

Who Was Kassidy Pierson
Who was Kassidy Pierson: A 27-year-old woman famous on TikTok for speaking about her battle with metastatic melanoma, a serious type of skin cancer, has reportedly died. She was based in Minnesota, United States and is survived by her fiance and one son.

News of her death was relayed by her sister who shared a TikTok video to her viral profile last week. Pierson’s death has left her legion of over two lakh fans, who were rooting for her, in shock. Condolences are pouring in for her on social media.

“She was not alone. She was not in pain,” her sister was quoted saying. She thanked followers on TikTok and recalled “the amount of times that she would just break down crying because she couldn’t believe how many people just loved her from this platform.”

Pierson died September 7, succumbing to cancer.

Know Who Was Kassidy Pierson And Her Battle With Cancer

Pierson was documenting her health journey on TikTok through candid videos, speaking about how her first signs of cancer came about when she noticed a mole on her inner thigh. “…it had all the symptoms,” she said, though at the time she didn’t know.

However, due to several reasons, she didn’t seek medical consultation for the mole. She was 18 at the time.

In 2015, at the age of 21, she visited the doctor and was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma, “the deadly one,” she said. The cancer had metastasised to her lymph nodes and was declared stage four the year after. In recent years, she was on hospice care, which relates to support for the terminally ill. 

“Unfortunately, as the melanoma has spread throughout my whole body, it has entered my brain with at least seven new tumors, if not more… There are no treatments available for me,” Pierson was quoted saying by BuzzFeed last month.

She added that besides planning her own funeral, she was also spending time writing final letters and arranging gifts for her eight-year-old son. “It’s made me appreciate everything. All the emotions that come with it,” she said about cancer changing her life. 

On TikTok and Instagram, Pierson urged her followers to keenly observe their health and get regular checkups for their skin.

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