Who Is Pashmina Roshan? Hrithik Roshan's Cousin To Make Her Bollywood Debut Soon

Pashmina Roshan will star in the sequel to Ishq Vishk, which featured Shahid Kapoor and Amrit Rao. 

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Who Is Pashmina Roshan
Pashmina Roshan, the daughter of filmmaker Rajesh Roshan and cousin of star Hrithik Roshan, is preparing to make her Hindi film debut. Pashmina Roshan will star in the sequel to Ishq Vishk, which featured Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao.  Ishq Vishk was a coming-of-age romantic comedy film starring Vishal Malhotra and Shenaz Treasury, along with Kapoor and Rao.

Its remake, Ishq Vishk Rebound, will be released two decades later. Rohit Saraf, Jibraan Khan, and Naila Grewal will also appear in the sequel. The plot has been updated to reflect the current timeframe, and it now gives a fresh and sympathetic look at relationships in the Gen-Z generation.

On June 2, Tips Industries shared the first look at the sequel's cast on social media, stating, "When love can be found on apps and lost over a chat, you know it's time for a change. ISHQ VISHK REBOUND It's time to move on." The video began with an Ishq Vishk poster before giving the first look of Ishq Vishk Rebound, which featured Saraf and Roshan in place of Kapoor and Rao, and Khan and Grewal in place of Malhotra and Treasury.

Pashmina Roshan also posted about the video on her Instagram account, stating, "It feels like years of austerity and hard work is finally bearing fruits. I'm extremely excited, nervous and elated to bring to you my first experience on screen." People are wondering about Pashmina, who she is and what she does now that the news has been made public. Here's everything we know about her.

Who is Pashmina Roshan?

Pashmina was born on November 10, 1995, and will celebrate her 27th birthday in 2022. She is daughter of filmmaker Rajesh Roshan and his wife Kanchan Roshan. Rajesh Roshan is one of the best known Indian Hindi cinema music directors and composers.

She is the granddaughter of music director Roshan and singer Ira Roshan. She is the cousin of Hrithik Roshan. She has a brother named Eshaan Roshan.


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According to a report, Pashmina has a theatre background. She has studied with Abhishek Pandey, a theatre performer; Nadira Babbar, an actor-director and recipient of the Sahitya Natak Akademi Award; and Jeff Goldberg, an American writer.

Pashmina made her stage debut in The Importance of Being Earnest, Indianized rendition of Oscar Wilde's play. She has also completed a six-month acting course at Barry John's acting school in Mumbai, in addition to her time in the theatre.

Pashmina used to keep her social media accounts private, but now she has a public Instagram page with over 9K followers. Many stars have praised her and wished her luck in her most recent post about her debut. Hrithik's father, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, wished Pashmina, "Congratulations to all, looking forward..." shortly after she uploaded the first look.


Her cousin, actor Hrithik, also shared a heartfelt note for Pashmina. He wrote, "Hey pash, you remember the days you were lost? I remember the search in your eyes… looking for an anchor. Look, you found it, right there... inside of you. You are your own anchor now. You got yourself here. Remember that. And be proud. Oh so proud I am! So so proud of you my beautiful ."

He also wished the crew of the film a stroke of good luck and wrote, "My best wishes to the entire team of ISHQ VISHQ rebound. This is a good team! Good good team! Kill it guys!"

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