Swedish Show Love And Anarchy To Return With Season 2 Soon!

love and anarchy season 2 release date
Love And Anarchy season 2 release date was announced by Netflix along with a trailer. The 2020 comedy series starring Ida Engvoll and Bjorn Mosten will be back on OTT soon.

Max and Sofie are back with their flirtatious shenanigans and this time it will be hot and confusing. The comedy series Love And Anarchy was released on Netflix on November 4, 2020, and was immensely loved by viewers. The show is created by Lisa Langseth and the makers of another Swedish series Quicksand, FLX.

The show follows the journey of a consultant and an IT technician who somehow engage in a flirtatious game of dares and challenges that brings them closer. The series will return for a season 2 soon in 2022.

Love And Anarchy Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series starred Ida Engvoll as Sofie who is married and a mother of two living in Stockholm. She is ambitious and quirky but often hides that side of her due to her husband’s casual ‘jokes’ on her dreams such as writing her own novel titled Love And Anarchy.

She tries hard to be a good mother, wife at home and consultant at her job. She joins Lund & Lagerstedt publishing house with the aim of restructuring it. There she meets Max, an IT technician who seems like a nuisance at first but soon becomes her partner in crime.

Max and Sofie start a game of dares and casual flirting without knowing that their unnamed relation is actually encouraging her to be her true self. Season 1 ended with Sofie realising that she did wrong by leaving the publishing house and runs back just in time to present their StreamUs proposal.

Season 2 will see how Sofie deals with her divorce while continuing her relation with Max. However, she will soon be seen facing difficult challenges on work front while she gets even closer to Max with dares and sex to the point that she starts getting confused about their relation and its future.

The trailer of the second season was released on May 4, 2022 and was enough to anticipate the fans. Season 2 will release on Netflix on June 16, 2022.

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