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Marathi movie Y is an upcoming medical crime thriller film. It stars Nandu Madhav, Prajakta Mali and Rohit Kokate and has been directed by Dr Ajit Wadikar.

Dr Wadikar is a practising physician and is making his feature film directorial debut with Y. Mukta Barve, one of the casts of the film, added, “I never felt that this was Dr Ajit Suryakant Wadikar’s first film until I heard the narration. The screenplay captured my heart. I did not know of him. I didn’t even inquire as to his prior behaviour. I just said that I enjoyed what you wrote and that I would like to direct this movie. I adore thrillers and consider this genre to be quite popular. I continue to watch thrillers in various languages”.

Y Movie Trailer

The trailer for this film was released on June 22 and it opened with a mother asking about her child’s welfare before the scene switches to that of a hospital. The narrative is indicative that the film will focus on the malpractices that are rampant in the medical and pharmaceutical fields like organ trafficking.

Mukta Barve, a woman officer, visits the hospital to look into irregularities there. In the second exchange, a man asks her what she’s suggesting they do in the hospital.

In the trailer, she tries to contact the patients whose records are missing while looking into a scam at the hospital. She notices that patients are being hospitalised on Fridays, especially on the last Friday of the month, and meanwhile, the hospital staffers run a scam.

Those who took part in the scam are afraid of the investigation. Based on actual events, this is the tale of our existence and the battle we have had to maintain it.

Y cast

Mukta Barve, Prajakta Mali, Nandu Madhav, Omkar Govardhan, Rasika Chavan, Suhas Shirsat, Sandeep Pathak, and Rohit Kokate make up the whole cast of the Marathi movie Y.

Where to Watch Marathi Film Y

The film’s official trailer was released a short while ago and the movie is set to premiere on June 24. You can book your shows and watch it at the cinema. Thereafter, it will be available on various OTT platforms.

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