Being Cornered: James Charles On Lawsuit Filed Against Him By An Ex-Employee

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James Charles on lawsuit filed against him by ex-employee: Popular makeup artist and YouTube star James Charles recently released a video on Twitter addressing a two-year-old lawsuit, blackmails, and false claims he has allegedly received from an ex-employee.

In the seven-minute-long video uploaded on Twitter, YouTuber and beauty influencer James Charles extensively talked about an ex-employee who alleged that she was wrongfully terminated, overworked, and underpaid while she was associated with him. “I am being cornered and have to make yet another public statement,” the 21-year-old said.

James Charles said that the lawsuit in question was for “hundreds and thousands of dollars” and is nearly two years old. The case is coming up in the media as the alleged victim has started speaking to publications for an upcoming story.

The ex-employee had claimed that the 21-year-old was lazy enough that he had to be forcefully woken up to brush his teethith. She added that without her efforts Charles would not have made a single video or a single dollar initially, and also frequently used the n-word around her.

“I have been quiet online but things behind the scenes have not been so quiet,” said Charles. The beauty influencer said that he moved to LA when he was 18 to start off his career. He filmed and edited three videos a week by himself and finally hired the employee in question to help him film his YouTube videos. Charles said that the ex-employee was paid 72000 dollars a year.

In the video, James Charles went on to say that lawsuits like these are pretty common especially in the entertainment industry and this particular ex-employee has also sued other YouTubers in the past. Contrasting to the claims in the lawsuit, Charles said that his team is always very well taken care of. “I have a very small team and have always had a small team. My team is like family to me,” he said.

The beauty influencer said that he is speaking about this only because he has been asked to give a comment on the upcoming story that will be published and wanted people to hear his side of the story too. Charles said that his ex-employee has added ”ridiculous, absurd, untrue, defamatory, just the craziest claims you could ever imagine” in the piece to be published soon.

Charles also questioned why she has chosen to publicise this now when it has been there for two long years. He added that this may be a perfect and convenient time considering all the news and the hate surrounding him right now.

The 21-year-old said that he will not settle this lawsuit and his only option is to continue to pursue it. Charles ended the video by saying he hopes that justice will be served.

In April this year, Charles admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to two 16-year-old boys. The influencer took to posting a confession video titled “Holding myself accountable” to his YouTube page after the allegations began doing rounds on social media. Charles went on to apologise to his fans for being “reckless”.  He further added, “I fully understand my actions and how they are wrong” and publicly apologised for making people “uncomfortable” with my actions.” Read more on that here.


Image Credit: The New Yorker