Vicky Katrina Wedding: All 120 Guests Need To Get RTPCR Tests Done

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Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s rumored wedding is the much awaited event of the year. It is expected to take place on December 9, 2021 in a traditional style at Six Senses Barwara Fort in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Ever since, the rules pertaining to the entrance of guests at wedding and protocols that needs to be followed is circulating in the news. It is reported that all guests to get RTPCR.

After Katrina was seen visiting Vicky’s house on Sunday, the internet stormed with the greater speculation of the wedding day. She was seen in a white saree along with her mother and sister near Vicky’s apartment.

Vicky Katrina Wedding Guests To Get RTPCR Done

All the guests attending the wedding have been requested to get the RTPCR tests done. Keeping in mind the new Omicron strain of COVID that has gained news, safety and precautions have been given topmost attention at the wedding. No guests would be allowed in the wedding venue in case they fail to produce a negative RTPCR report.

Last week, District Collector of Sawai Madhopur, Shri Rajendra Kishan spoke to the media that only double vaccinated guests will be provided entry in the venue and all the guests need to follow strict COVID protocols. A total of 120 guests, for a four-day event, are expected to arrive at the fort.

About the big fat wedding:

1. The guests need to put a sticker on their respective vehicles to enter the venue amidst tightened security at the Vicky Katrina wedding. The sticker is said to have been made by the event management company that is expected to execute the wedding smoothly.

2. Non Disclosure Agreement(NDA) to be signed: As per the reports, guests are made to sign the NDA for attending the wedding so that no videos, photos gets leaked on social media. Guests have been requested not to share details about the wedding venue or timings of the event.

3. The mush-mush around the marriage of Masaan star, Vicky Kaushal and superstar Katrina Kaif, has been the topic of discussion among the people on social media. While many fans are excited to see the first glance of the couple together from the marriage, others are busy posting hilarious tweets and stories on their accounts.

4. One of the posts from yesterday made people bursting out in laughter. “Vicky and Katrina have asked the guests to donate their eyes, so they cannot see another such wedding in future,” read the post. It was shared multiple times.

5. The fort venue at Barwara is at a distance of around 174 km from state capital Jaipur. The place holds a prominent place in carrying rich value of culture and heritage of Rajasthan, including the famous Tiger Reserve at Ranthambore. It also includes the 14th century fort converted private property, namely Six Senses Fort where the wedding is all set to take place as per reports.

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