As Vamika Turns One, Here’s Looking As Anushka’s Journey As A Mom

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Anushka Sharma motherhood journey: Vamika, daughter of Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli, is celebrating her first birthday today on 11 January, 2022. In an interview, the couple shared that they are not willing to reveal her face on social media. They will wait for her to grow up and make this decision for herself.

Let’s have a look at Anushka Sharma’s Journey As A Mom

On naming her daughter Vamika

Anushka revealed her daughter’s name on social media and explained that it refers to Goddess Durga and is also a derivative of her and Kohli’s names. She also shared that her heart is full of love for her little bundle of joy. As a new parent, she has experienced a varied range of emotions – happiness, sadness, worry, and bliss— in a span of minutes.

Supporting mothers

Anushka Sharma has never shied away from providing support to mothers in the form of spreading useful information for expectant mothers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In one of the posts, she praised all the mothers and wrote in caption, “Let’s celebrate the strong ones, the silently resilient ones, the ones who break themselves down to become better, more aware nurturers. The ones through whom we have all come to be. The mothers!”

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Safeguarding her privacy

The couple never uploaded any photo of Vamika on social media that shows her face. They want to safeguard her privacy and want her to grow up and make the decision for herself. Anushka Sharma, in an interview, mentioned how she does not want to raise a child in the public eye as it will be the decision of her daughter on how she wants to appear.

An inspiration to working moms

During her pregnancy, she had said that she would try her best to be back to the shoots post her delivery. She had said that she will establish a “system at home” that allows her to balance  time between her child, home and professional life. She said that she wants to keep working as it gives her a lot of happiness. Read more about it here. 

Anushka Sharma resumed work two months after giving birth to Vamika. According to her, motherhood should not limit or restrict a woman’s goals.  She also donated her maternity clothes to mothers who needed them.

Breaking gender stereotypes

In an interview,  Anushka said that she doesn’t believe in gender stereotypes that force girls to wear pink and boys to wear blue. She also an ardent believer of the fact that both mom and dad should be responsible for raising the child.