Kamala Harris To Appear On Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards

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US VP Kamala Harris will make an appearance at Nikledeon’ Kids Choice Awards and will deliver a speech before the award show’s Generational Change presentation.

Harris will be introduced by actor Jennifer Garner at the show and the main host will be Kenan Thompson. The General Change award will acknowledge the strength and courage of the youth of America to create a better world for the upcoming generations of children and teenagers.

Marva Smalls, ViacomCBS inclusion global head said in a statement, “Vice President Kamala Harris is a pioneer and role model for us all, but especially for today’s kids, who can find inspiration in the story of her path forward and the barriers she has broken from childhood to today.”

What is the Generation Change campaign?

The Generation Change campaign connects children with innovators and leaders such and Megan Rapinoe World Cup Champion, Los Angeles Laker LeBron James. LeBron James Foundation supported his “I Promise School” public elementary in Ohio. Rapinoe was honoured for pushing for equal representation of all genders, race and LGBTQ+ rights in sports. Smalls said that the ViacomCBS is honoured to have Kamala Harris to “further trumpet the courage and vitality they have in the wake of so many challenges,” Smalls added.

The award show will go on air live on March 13 at 7:30 in the USA. Justin Bieber is one of the performers at the show.