Twitter Gives Its Verdict On Sex Education Season 3

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Sex Education 3 reviews : The widely popular Netflix teen series is back with its third season. The episodes released on the platform on September 17, and there has been many positive feedbacks from viewers on social media.

Sex Education mainly revolves around Otis, the typical socially awkward student at Moordale Secondary School. He isn’t particularly successful at relationships, but does have first hand experience, owing to his mother, who is a sex therapist. Otis subsequently becomes an expert at topic, which is very openly discussed in his family. Putting his knowledge to use, Otis decides to open an underground sex therapy clinic at school, to improve his status. He is assisted by smart, confident, “bad girl” Maeve, and his friend Eric. But learning all about teenagers and their sexualities, he gradually realises that he might even need some therapy of his own.

The show stars Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa in leading roles. The first two seasons of the show were wildly popular among young fans. A new, open outlook to a topic that is usually discussed in hushed whispers in society, and one that teenagers need proper insight on.

Netflix tweeted on 17 September, announcing the season’s premiere- “Sex Education 3 is now on Netflix! Hands up if you’re excited”.

Here is a fun recap of what went down last season!

The new season saw a lot of love pouring in for the characters of Ruby and Adam. Here are some comments:

“Adam and ruby are the two characters that completely stood out and shined in the series. Such good performances all around. So well made after the lengthy setup. Its the best season yet. Otis and Ruby>>Otis and maeve  8/10 #sexeducation #sexeducation”


One user wrote, “I’m only on episode 4 of the new season but I love Adam so much, his character development over the seasons has been something else  #SexEducation”

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