Tanushree Dutta’s Life In Danger, Claims ‘Something Was Mixed In My Water’

Tanushree Dutta's Life In Danger
After coming forward about being harassed on the movie set in 2020, Tanushree Dutta helped establish the #MeToo campaign in the Bollywood. Dutta has encountered controversy in almost every step of ten-year stint in the Bollywood industry. In a recent interview, the actor made startling admissions about her life and said that attempts were made to attack her after she reported harassment events that included serious accusations against esteemed members of the business community. Tanushree Dutta’s Life In Danger, she admitted her car’s brakes were tampered and her drinks were intoxicated, putting her life in danger.

Tanushree Dutta revealed to Connect FM Canada that her car’s brakes had been tampered with on numerous occasions, when she was in Ujjain. She added, “I was in a terrible accident that I met with. I was inches away from breaking a few bones. It set me back for a few months, and because there was a lot of blood loss, it took me a while to recover from those wounds. ”

In another incident she related, her maid was accused of stealing her drink. She stated, “I gradually got sick because of a maid who was, in my words, “placed” in my home.

Tanushree Dutta’s Life In Danger

Tanushree Dutta had earlier in July accused veteran actor “Nana Patekar and his Bollywood mafia friends” of being at fault for whatever occurred to her. In an Instagram post, Tanushree Dutta urged people to avoid the “Bollywood mafias” and their productions.

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In an Instagram post, she wrote, “Let it be known that #metoo accused Nana Patekar, his lawyers, associates, and his Bollywood Mafia buddies are to blame if anything ever happens to me! Bollywood Mafia: Who are they? The same individuals—all of whose names appeared repeatedly in the SSR death case—have the same criminal attorney. ”

Before returning from abroad and discussing her harassment incident involving actor Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Please,” Dutta had been out of the public eye for nearly eight years. Dutta’s most recent appearance on television was in the 2010 drama Apartment.”