Swastika Mukherjee Shares Filming Experience Of Qala, Says, ‘I Felt So Helpless’

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Every frame of Qala carried a sense of heartbreak for Swastika Mukherjee. Mukherjee portrays Urmila Manjushree in the most recent OTT drama. She is a chillingly cruel mother whose daughter longs for her acceptance and love. Triptii Dimri and Babil also played lead roles in the movie.

Before director Anvitaa Dutt offered her the role, according to actor Swastika Mukherjee, the two had extensive conversations that lasted all day about everything but the movie. However, the emotional dam broke when the actor read the Qala script five days later.

In a recent interview, the actor added, “Anvitaa and I had previously discussed her vision for the movie, so when she gave me the script and I heard the narration, I felt as though I already knew these characters and the setting. Even though I’ve worked on a lot of movies, this time I cried. I’ve never experienced it before.”

Swastika Mukherjee On Qala, Says, ‘I Felt So Helpless’:

The actor claimed that even on paper, Qala moved her so deeply that she couldn’t help but feel helpless as she tried to comprehend the strained bond between the mother and daughter. “Can’t these people talk? I kept telling Anvitaa. Can we do nothing about it? Although I was aware that it was a story, I kept asking her to write something else instead of this. Can’t we see them in a better space? Because I felt so helpless.”

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In order to portray Urmila flawlessly, she brought that sense of helplessness with her to the film’s shooting, which, in her words, “sailed her through.” But when her daughter watched the movie and felt equally broken, it all came flooding back a few months later. “I felt miserable being outside of their world, and I really wanted to act. My daughter was howling on the phone when she called me after watching the movie. Why couldn’t they just talk, she kept asking.”

The actor is aware of the rarity of what Qala offered her as a performer. Even if she reads ten scripts a year, only two of them amaze her. Qala was one of them.

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