Cannes 2023: How Sunny Leone ‘Pushed Past Horrible Things’ To Earn Her Place In Industry

Sunny Leone Speaks About Her Journey, Cannes 2023 Recent Looks
Sunny Leone is all set to make her debut at the Cannes film festival. She will walk the red carpet for the film premiere of Kennedy alongside director Anurag Kashyap and actor Rahul Bhat. However, her journey transitioning from the adult entertainment industry to Bollywood is nothing short of a heroic tale.

During a conversation with film journalist Anupama Chopra at Cannes, the actor said that this moment is beyond her wildest aspirations when reflecting on her career. She continued by saying that coming to India, being a part of Bigg Boss, being in films, and people saying so many “awful, horrible things” and trying to “push past” those things have earned her this place in this movie. The actor continued by stating that she always attempted to see the bright side of things, break down barriers, and disprove people’s preconceived notions of who she is.

Sunny Leone Speaks About Her Journey

Even though the idea of an adult star landing an opportunity on television seemed far-fetched, the former adult actor made her debut on Indian television by competing as a wild card on the reality show. Leone then made it to films because she had never been ashamed of her work choices in a country where it is difficult for many to recognise that pornography is a profession, just like engineering, writing, or bank accounting.

From Reality Show To Bollywood:

Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt came into the reality show briefly and met Leone, and signed her for the main part in Jism 2 during her stay. After a few more films, she was cast in the supernatural thriller Ragini MMS 2 by Ekta Kapoor. She has worked in comedies like Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, One Night Stand, and Mastizaade, as well as other regional films.

The actor became widely popular thanks to her songs such as Baby Doll Main Sone Di and Chaar Botal Vodka. Her mesmerising dance moves also helped her get widely recognised.

The actor, however, never received a role that would break from the usual mould that had been established by the roles and songs she had been given. Through Anamika, the actor received an opportunity to demonstrate her acting talent and to work in her preferred action-drama genre.

How Kennedy Fulfiled Her Desire As An Actor:

With Kennedy, Leone, who is most known for her work on Bollywood’s popular masala comedies, took her first step into a genre more in line with her personal desires. She finally had the chance to realise her lifelong dream by embracing a distinctive character in Anurag Kashyap’s Kennedy after an 11-year journey in Bollywood. 

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In her latest interview, she acknowledged that she did the auditions for this role. The actor also admitted that she always wanted to play such roles but had never been offered one demonstrating how unaccepting, prejudicial filmmakers and producers tried to grab eyeballs or seek attention using her adult star status rather than provide her with acting opportunities. However, in this movie, Leone got a character that differs from others she has previously played on screen.

In Conversation With SheThePeople:

The star previously discussed her decision to move to India at the age of 30 in an interview with SheThePeople. She talked about how she then made her way into Bollywood, where, for a while, she only got offers that fit her adult star image. However, this new role in Kennedy will surely help her break that mould and get more such opportunities.

The actor continued by saying, “The other actors used to avoid her and didn’t want her to win any awards”, but being at Cannes has since surpassed receiving any significant honour. The performer who is currently serving as an international representative for our country once told us about the numerous complaints filed against her on the grounds that she was “destroying” Indian culture. She has indeed earned her spot in the prestigious film festival, as Leone stated during her Cannes trip.