Bridgerton Season 2: Backstory Of The Sharma Sisters Explained

Actor Simone Ashley is seen as Kate Sharma along with Charithra Chandran as her half-sister Edwina in Bridgerton Season 2.

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The Sharma sisters Bridgerton backstory Explained: Netflix's period romance-drama show Bridgerton recently rolled out its second season on the OTT platform. Fans have been gushing over the chemistry between actors Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley in the new season. Bridgerton Season 2 included two new prominent characters Kate and Edwina Sharma.

The show, which amassed huge popularity after it was first released in 2020 for its engaging plot set in the backdrop of the Regency era in England, returned with feminist dialogues, a more diverse cast and a stronger plot in its season 2. The show's premise follows the story of eight Bridgerton siblings who attempt to find love during early 19th century England. At the center of this season are two Indian characters known to the world as The Sharma Sisters.

While the first season was focused on the romance between Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings (Rege-Jean Page), the focus shifts towards Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) in the second season. Will Anthony change his view on marriage? Who will convince him that love is an important ingredient to succeed in a relationship? He makes tough choices to settle with a 'suitable' match.

Bridgerton is based on book series by Julia Quinn with the same name.

The Sharma Sisters

Anthony finally sets his eyes on a newcomer, Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran), whose elder sister Kate (Simone Ashley) is skeptical about this union. Yet, Kate is adamant to find a suitable groom for her half-sister so that her grandparents can finally accept them as their family and pay her dowry.

Who are the Sharma Sisters in Bridgerton Season 2?


In the plot, Kate and Edwina are the daughters of Lady Mary, the daughter of an earl. Lady Mary went against her parents' wishes and married an Indian tradesman who was a widower and had a daughter named Kathani Sharma (Kate). Mary is known to have elope to India with her the Indian man which was quite scandalous for London society. That is why Edwina expresses concerns about what her family will say when people ask about the relationship between her and Kate. It is because Kate and Edwina are half sisters. After the father died, Lady Mary raised Kate as her own daughter.

What happens with the sisters?

The Sharma sisters return back to England and stay with Lady Danbury. Queen Charlotte soon bestows the title of "incomparable" of the social season upon Edwina, which served greatly to Kate's plan of finding a suitable groom for her sister. However, when Edwina is finally betrothed to Anthony, there is a huge sexual tension building up between Kate and Anthony. Will Anthony choose the ideal wife, or her strong-headed half-sister?

How are the Sharma sisters in Bridgerton show different from the book?

The show carefully draws the character arcs of the Sharma sisters exactly the way it is given in the books by Julia Quinn. Kate is smart and outspoken as well as protective of her sister, on the other hand, Edwina is a hopeless romantic, comparatively soft-spoken yet equally determined as her sister. However, Kate's age is portrayed to be 26 in the period drama, which is originally determined as 20 in the books.

The biggest difference between the two sets of sisters is their ethnicity. The sisters' last name is Sheffield, which the Netflix series adopted as Lady Mary's maiden name. The book describes Edwina as a blonde with blue eyes, however creator Shonda Rhimes wanted to explore diversity in her show. "Finding some South Asian women with darker skin and making sure that they were represented onscreen authentically and truthfully feels like something that we haven't seen nearly enough of," Marie Claire quoted Shonda Rhimes explaining the choice of characters with South Asian descent.


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