Don’t Do Something A Girl Can’t Do: SRK Conditions Son Not To Be Shirtless At Home

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Shah Rukh Khan advice to son Aryan was not to be shirtless at home: Shah Rukh Khan has often spoken about being a protective parent, especially to his daughter, Suhana. He has also spoken about being a responsible member towards the women in the house. In a throwback interview, now going viral online, Khan revealed why he advised his son Aryan Khan to always put on a shirt at home. He stressed that a man shouldn’t be without a shirt in front of his mother, sister or female friends.

The father of three also highlighted this condition had more to do with the importance of equality that should be practiced in any household. He added that his sons will have no extra privileges over girls.

Speaking to Femina in 2017, Khan had said he believed that a man in his house should never go shirtless in front of his mother, sister or women friends. “I tell Aryan to put on a T-shirt all the time,” he had stressed. He had also pointed out to his son that if he’d feel uncomfortable seeing his mother, daughter, sister or women friends without clothes on then he should not expect them to accept him without a shirt as well, promoting gender equality at home. It has got nothing to do with “having breasts or not”, but “don’t do something a girl can’t do,” he had told Aryan.

In March this year, the Baadshah actor had advised a Twitter user that the road to a woman’s heart is built with respect. His comments came when a user asked him to share some tips to “patana”(impress) women. Khan replied by highlighting the importance of respecting women and girls. He had told him to avoid using such words. “Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ for a girl. Try with more respect, gentleness, and respect,” the Dilwale actor had tweeted.

Khan was last seen in Zero, released in December 2018. He has his next film Pathan, also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in key roles, lined up for next year’s release. Stay in Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan’s Delhi home on Airbnb: Find out how

Feature Image Credit: India Today