‘Grow Up’ Samantha Prabhu Slams Trolls; Why Is Society Obsessed With Celebrities’ Lives?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Repurchases House
Samantha Prabhu is not only known for her acting in the Tollywood industry but also for her savage comebacks on her trolls. The actor came under much scrutiny for her personal as well as professional choice, one such is her divorce from her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya. 

Recently, a media website dragged her back into her divorce by alleging she planted rumours about her ex-husband, and she replied by highlighting the sexism in our society. She said, “Rumours on girl – Must be true !! Rumours on boy- Planted by a girl !! Grow up guys. The parties involved have clearly moved on .. you should move on too !! Concentrate on your work … on your families .. move on!!” Well, this was not the first time the actor spoke back to the trolls, forging her personal life, to build up their profit.

Samantha’s reply to the trolls caught the eyes of her followers, who then started praising her. One user asserted, “Thalaivi”. While another one said, “Don’t care about others and go ahead and work towards your dreams. All the Very Best Wishes,” The people who supported her comeback were many, but this is not the first time she was dragged in mud for her choices.

Why do we always bad-mouth women in a relationship even when the couple has amicably parted? Why are women always seen as the cause of drama? What makes it so difficult for us to understand that people move on? What makes it difficult to unlearn the internalised misogyny? 

Samantha Prabhu on the duality of society

The Mahanati actor could be seen slamming society for setting different standards for men and women on social media. On her social media, she quite frankly shared her thoughts with a Farida quote that read, “If matters are constantly, morally questionable when done by women, but not even morally questioned when done by men – then we, as a society, fundamentally have no morals.”

Obsession with knowing celebs’ personal life

Not quite often do we forget that celebrities also have their own personal life. They share as much as they want on their social media, but demanding or spying other than that should come under the red zone. We should question ourselves, Why does Samantha Prabhu’s divorce matter to us so much? She is a good actor, no doubt, but peeping into her personal space and further passing down morally incorrect statements about her, Where do we stand as a society?

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The low-dip levels of Media houses

For media houses, celebrities or any person that is trending are not even seen as humans but click baits. Perhaps, an object or in falsely grounded cases a ‘trick’ to get their next story, and paychecks. A few days back, a media outlet published an article on Captain Monica calling her ‘A fairy’. Captain Monica saved the lives of 191 souls on her aircraft, but the only thing that mattered, in the end, is not her intellect, but her looks. This ever-growing crisis of credibility of media houses could be seen as a serious threat to the ethics of journalism.

Celebrities Have Right To Privacy Too

We find ourselves connecting to celebrities on their social media accounts. One click and you now know everything that’s happening in their life. From the name of their dog to the recent car they purchased, we know it all. So, whom to be held accountable? Any person having a public profession still possesses a right to privacy, but the public commenting on their every move makes it so hard. A deemed spy lens is as if fixed on their lives, to view inside-out. What makes it worse is people’s absurd need for asking the ‘Why’ of their life. Why did you get a divorce? Why are you dating someone? The real question should be, why are you crossing a line between being a fan and an obsessed person? 

The views expressed are the author’s own.