Salaam Venky Twitter Review: Netizens Applaud Film's Emotional Touch

Netizens seem to have been impressed by the film, which also stars Aamir Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal, Rahul Bose, and Aahana Kumra.

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Salaam Venky Twitter Review
Today marks the theatrical debut of Revathy's Salaam Venky, which stars Kajol and Vishal Jethwa in the key roles.

In Salaam Venky, a youngster with a severe illness expresses his dying intention to donate his organs, but this can only happen after euthanasia.

Netizens seem to have been impressed by the film, which also stars Aamir Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal, Rahul Bose, and Aahana Kumra. Here is what netizens said about the film.

Salaam Venky Twitter Review

One netizen tweeted, "#SalaamVenky interval. #VishalJethwa is deserving of all the admiration and affection! All the signs of a star man. Kajol effectively conveys the helplessness of a mother who has devoted her entire life to her own son. Heartfelt but sad because the theatre is empty."

Another Twitter user wrote wrote, "Today (9 Dec), "SALAAM VENKY" released ! Thank you @itsKajolD & @VishalJethwa06 for making this movie. Itself becoming a patient I appreciate you speaking up about the uncommon condition known as "MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY". Salutations, and support for muscular dystrophy (DMD, BMD, LGMD)"

A user wrote," A one-off movie that was made. A very sentimental and lovely experience. The performances by @itsKajolD and @vishaljethwa06 were fantastic. Aamir Khan also made a welcome cameo. Highly suggested. Never ever assume anything."


Another netizen tweeted, "Interval : Yeh Movie sabke bass ki baat nahi"

A user wrote, "Watched #salaamvenky just now. What a fantastic movie, best movie you've ever seen Kajol, you are amazing."

In fact, a tweet mentioned how amazing Kajol's performance was and how she also made a fan think of Anjali from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. There have been no unfavourable reviews of the movie per se, but several critics have pointed out the flaw in how the movie fails to maintain the audience's attention throughout the entire running length.

The crowd has spoken, and it appears that everyone is really pleased with Salaam Venky. This tear jerking, emotional movie continues to be centred on the performances, which also looked good in the trailer. One thing that unites all of the reviews is how enthusiastic everyone is about Kajol and Vishal's performances, among others.

A few celebrities have praised the movie in addition to netizens.

Ajay Devgn praised Vishak and Revathy and called his wife Kajol's performance "superlative."


Vivek Agnihotri also praised the Salaam Venky team in the meantime.

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