Saina Trailer Review: Story Promises An Intriguing Look At The Badminton Champ’s Journey

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Saina Trailer Review: The trailer of Saina, the biopic on badminton champion Saina Nehwal starring Parineeti Chopra, dropped on March 8, marking International Women’s Day. Directed by Amole Gupte, the film is set for theatrical release on March 26.

At almost three minutes, the trailer for Saina delves into the life of Nehwal as she grows from a starry-eyed young Haryana girl training to reach her dreams to a grown woman who has actualised them. As Saina’s glowing sports achievements put her on the global stage, she comes alive to the big, bad that exists beyond the shelter of her supportive family. Despite the hurdles in her way, she moves fearlessly on to clinch her world titles.

This Film’s Appeal Will Likely Lie In Its Story Alone: Saina Trailer Review

Based on the life of Nehwal, a sportswoman whose record-breaking feats have been nothing short of incredible, the story shoulders big responsibility. And in all likelihood, that is where the sole appeal of the film will lie. Not in the acting, not in the cinematography, only the journey of ups and downs.

The cast of Saina also includes Meghna Malik and Manav Kaul in the roles of Saina’s mother and coach respectively. Predictably, both actors known for their au natural screen presence outshine Chopra, whose riveting performance on the court only partially redeems the undersupply of conviction and oversupply of an affective Haryanvi accent.

The younger Saina played by Nysha, in fact, surprises far more with childish determination for sports that one can’t help but cheer from the stands.

Saina, for all its well-placed honour on Nehwal, seems like a must-watch, if only just once.

Watch the Saina trailer here

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