Rupali Ganguly Opens Up About Being Fat Shamed And Facing Ageism

Rupali Ganguly recently shared her brutal experience of being fat-shamed and facing ageism by several people around her. She also opened up about the age-based prejudice she was subjected to onscreen.

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Rupali Ganguly Fat Shamed
Rupali Ganguly is a popular face in the Indian television industry, gaining immense popularity from iconic shows like Sanjivani, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Parvarrish - Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi. Recently, she has garnered national attention once again for her lead role in the daily show Anupamaa.

Despite her widespread success, she has also unfortunately been subjected to age shaming and body shaming for several times in her career.

Rupali Ganguly Fat Shamed

In a recent interview, Rupali Ganguly mentioned being bullied in an interview, where she was referred to as a "fat lady" and endured age-based prejudice compared to her co-star Gaurav Khanna.

When Rupali gave birth to her child, she was told by her actor friend that she had officially entered the "aunty" phase of her life. Rupali later mentioned in an interview that she gained weight during her pregnancy and was body-shamed by people who made comments about her size. Even though the comments may have been intended to be harmless, Rupali admitted that they still affected her mentally. Her friend's comment about her becoming an 'aunty' also bothered her since people do not have the right to label someone with a term like that. Ultimately, Rupali believes that individuals should have control over what they are called.

Rupali said, "I began eating a lot and at 83 kg, I became substantially overweight," Rupali explained. “When I took my son for a walk in his stroller, individuals who recognised me would remark, ‘Oh, you are Monisha, right? You have put on so much weight.’ Perhaps some may have meant it as a compliment, but it still stung. These remarks can have significant mental impacts and continue to bother a person."

She proceeded to clarify that she takes satisfaction in her wrinkles and suggests that individuals should cease complaining about her age and instead appreciate her accomplishments. "I've been subjected to body shaming and age shaming, even after Anupamaa, she continued. Even though my wrinkles are noticeable and I am overweight, I take pride in my wrinkles. I embrace who I am today. After three years of Anupamaa, I can confidently say that I have come to terms with myself."

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