When Ranbir Kapoor Called Anushka Sharma ‘Anxiety Queen’, Outed Her Medication

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Ranbir Kapoor, who will be seen on screen after a gap of four years, is currently busy promoting his upcoming release Shamshera. However, a clip from an old interview of Kapoor and Anushka Sharma where he calls her an ‘anxiety queen’ has landed him in trouble on Twitter. The video sees Kapoor speaking over Sharma, and revealing her medication on a public platform despite her asking him to stop.

“She has to pop a pill even before making a conversation”, Kapoor can be heard saying for Sharma in the video. The Band Baaja Baraat actor who is visibly mortified with her fellow actor’s statement gets back to him by revealing his substance habits. Embarrassed Kapoor retorts and asks Sharma to not say something like that on national television. (Hypocritical much?) The entire clip is absurd and extremely uncomfortable to watch.

Ranbir Kapoor calling Anushka Sharma Anxiety Queen irks social media

Twitter users are miffed at the actors and their utter lack of sensitivity while engaging in a conversation about mental health. One user wrote, “Unbelievable that two young, cosmopolitan Indians with full exposure to issues of mental health would choose to speak like this about anxiety, with one’s medication being publicly discussed and laughed at, including by the anchor. I was horrified to come across this in my feed.”

Some pointed out at how wrong it is to out someone’s personal details, “What medication you are on is personal. You share it with a colleague in order to manage expectations on days that are bad. Not for him to drop it as a “quirky” detail in a very public interview.

Another wrote, “making fun of someone’s medical condition ain’t funny and it doesn’t make you cool either.”

Ranbir Kapoor Outs Anushka Sharma

A screenshot from the interview | Twitter

Days ago, Kapoor had called Sharma his favourite leading lady, saying, “I think we are really close friends, we annoy each other a lot, we keep fighting and we have a really good creative energy between us.”

This new video has resurfaced days after Kapoor was embroiled in a Reddit controversy. The news about Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy was revealed on a Reddit forum two months back before the official announcement, but the moderators of the thread promptly took action and the user was banned and the post too deleted, because they deemed it to be fake.

When the news was finally confirmed by the actor, that action was reversed and many Reddit users welcomed the user back.

“Give the award to the redditor who told us this news a month ago,” said a user.

A Twitter user claimed that the Anushka Sharma video could have the same fate and might soon be deleted.

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