Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Adil Durrani Arrested, Actor Wants A Divorce

Adil Durrani has been detained after wife Rakhi Sawant filed a FIR against him. Durrani allegedly tried to hit her and stole Rs 4 lakh worth of jewellery, according to the actor.

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Rakhi Sawant's Husband
Adil Durrani has been detained after his spouse Rakhi Sawant filed an FIR against him. Durrani allegedly tried to hit her and stole Rs 4 lakh worth of jewellery, according to the actor.

Adil Durrani was detained by the Oshiwara Police as a result of a complaint made by the actor and former Bigg Boss contestant. The star had alleged that their relationship was not great and she had filed a police report against Durrani.

Durrani was arrested by the Mumbai police and was sent to judicial custody by the Andheri court.

Durrani was accused of raping an Iranian woman and an FIR was registered against him over a 30-year-old woman. The allegation came days after Sawant accused him of assault.

The woman claimed in her complaint that Durrani threatened to leak her private photos online and would send them to her parents living in Iran.

Rakhi Sawant’s Husband Adil Durrani Arrested

Following a complaint from the actor, the police summoned Rakhi Sawant's husband to the station on February 7 to give a statement and be questioned. A report from IndiaToday cited one of the inspectors looking into the case who said, "This morning, Adil was taken into custody. We are currently performing the procedure. Sawant had filed an FIR. We won't be able to comment until the investigation is complete. For the previous two days, we had been looking for Adil. The complaints Rakhi has are currently being investigated."


Sawant told the reporters waiting outside the police station that Adil had come to her house to hit her. She said, "Aj subah who mujhe maarne aaya tha, mere ghar pe, Maine turant police ko call kiya." (He came to my house this morning to strike me. I called the police right away).

She continued, "He had arrived at my house in the morning, without saying anything he began pressuring me. I had already brought a lawsuit against Adil twice, but I never disclosed it to the media. Adil had also been contacted by the police at that time. A non-cognizable offence was written at that time. Last night, it was turned into a FIR."

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She further stated that the actor had given Adil cash and jewellery worth Rs. 4 lakhs. When questioned about how she ended up with him at a restaurant last night, she allegedly stated, "Adil had unexpectedly arrived to apologise to me. He began feeding me despite the fact that I didn't even want to talk to him. However, we haven't spoken."

Additionally, Sawant added, "I don't want to compromise with Adil in any way right now. I simply cannot co-exist with a man, who has so many extramarital affairs. That person isn't trustworthy. I've therefore decided that I must file for divorce right away."

In 2022, Adil Durrani and Rakhi Sawant were married in a private ceremony. The media first learned about the wedding just one month ago. Adil finally acknowledged that he and Rakhi had been married for some time, despite initially calling it false.

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