Cannes 2023: Woman Draped In Ukrainian Flag Colour Pours ‘Fake Blood’ On Herself

Protest At Cannes
During the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, a woman clad in the vibrant colours of the Ukrainian flag orchestrated a dramatic protest on the red carpet. On Sunday, she captured the attention of onlookers by dousing herself in fake blood, only to be swiftly escorted away by security personnel.

Adorned in a yellow and blue dress, complemented by blue heels, the woman reached within her attire and retrieved two capsules filled with red paint. As the cameras snapped away, she gleefully emptied the contents over her head, creating a vivid spectacle.

This audacious act took place on the steps of the Palais des Festivals, precisely during the screening of Acide, a film directed by Just Philippot.

Protest At Cannes:

Soon after her striking display, security staff promptly intervened, guiding her down the stairs and removing her from the premises. It was revealed that the Cannes Film Festival had voiced its solidarity with Ukraine even before the event commenced, as stated by its director, Thierry Fremaux, in a report by The Telegraph. This context adds further significance to the woman’s provocative protest.

The festival’s opening ceremony witnessed French actor Catherine Deneuve paying homage to the war’s victims through the recitation of Hope, a poem penned by Lesya Ukrainka, a distinguished Ukrainian poet. Telegraph also reported that the ban on Russian delegations and film companies affiliated with the Russian government persisted from the previous year, still in effect for the current edition of the festival.

Interestingly, the previous year’s festival had witnessed another Ukrainian woman utilising the red carpet as her stage for protest against Russian forces. This time, she resorted to complete nudity, boldly showcasing the message “Stop raping us” painted across her chest, symbolically representing Ukraine with a blue and yellow flag. With red-stained underpants and handprints on her buttocks, she vociferously shouted and posed for photographers before eventually being removed from the scene by security personnel.

These disruptive actions on the illustrious Cannes red carpet have served as impactful statements, aimed at highlighting the ongoing conflicts and tensions between Ukraine and Russia. By using their bodies as canvases and attracting global attention, these courageous protesters have effectively conveyed their messages of solidarity, condemnation, and defiance.

Photo credit: NDTV

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