Here’s Why Priyanka Chopra Got Trolled Today

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Priyanka Chopra Trolled For Her Statement: Priyanka Chopra Jonas steps into the limelight once again as she gets trolled by netizens for her statement in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Priyanka says her father used to sing in a mosque and to this netizens trolled her, saying which mosque allowed her father, a Hindu, to sing.

In a recent video clip released as the promotional video of Oprah’s interview, Priyanka and Oprah discuss Priyanka’s book Unfinished. Oprah asks Priyanka about her spiritual foundation if she had any. Priyanka replied  “I think I did. In India, it is hard not to. You’re right. With the swirling number of religions that we have, that live within the country as well.”

“She further added, “I grew up in a convent school. I was aware of Christianity. My dad used to sing in a mosque, I was aware of Islam. I grew up in a Hindu family, I was aware of that. Spirituality is such a large part of India that you really cannot ignore it.”

Dr. Ashok Chopra, father of the Quantico star passed away in the year 2013 due to cancer. Priyanka claimed in the interview that her father used to sing in a mosque and that gave her a secular upbringing, however, netizens did not agree to her statement and outraged social media. The trolls counter questioned her, saying ‘Which mosque allowed her father to sing?’

However, supportive tweets and positive comments were also spotted, backing the trolls and spreading love for the actress. A user saw the bigger picture and acknowledged it, that is Priyanka’s message for secularism.

In the same interview, Priyanka Chopra also shared how her mother, Madhu Chopra, played an important role in her relationship with Nick Jonas. ‘I truly believe that my mom manifested him because that was her marriage, she had a marriage of partnership, they worked together, they lived together, they built (their) home together, they built their life together in equal partnership and I saw that while growing up. And, I am just amazed that I found exactly what I kind of grew up with, with Nick, I just kind of swept, I’d let it happen” she said.

Watch the interview clip here: