Wanted It To Be On The Terms Of Women: Actor Priyanka Chopra On Jee Le Zaraa

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Actor Priyanka Chopra recently spoke about the film Jee Le Zaraa, where she will star alongside Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif.

In an interview, the 40-year-old actor spoke about how the film industry always put women secondary to men. Chopra said, “The heroes decide where the movie is shot, who is cast and what’s happening”.

Chopra added, “We are living in a time where women need to be able to have agency in their lives”.

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Priyanka Chopra On Jee Le Zaraa

The road trip film Jee Le Zaraa took root in Chopra’s mind after she had a long telephonic chat with Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt. She revealed that she first called Kaif and Bhatt before contacting anybody else.

Chopra revealed that the first people she contacted were Kaif and Bhatt when she realised she wanted to do a Hindi movie. She added that she wanted the film to be on the terms of women.

Chopra also said that the current female actors paved the way for upcoming actors.

Jee Le Zaraa will be directed by actor and filmmaker Farhan Akhtar and the shooting for the film will begin next year.

Chopra also revealed in the interview that they would start shooting Jee Le Zaraa sometime next year. The film was announced last year in August.

Chopra shared a picture of her and her fellow stars Kaif and Bhatt and revealed that the three were collaborating on a project. She wrote in the caption that it took them 3 years to align their busy schedules. Chopra said, “This one is to sisterhood… to friendship and to breaking the mould”.

Chopra recently travelled to India to launch her haircare brand. She also has several Hollywood projects in the works, Citadel and Love Again. Chopra also said she has multiple over-the-top (OTT) streaming projects with Amazon Prime Video under her production house, Purple Pebble Pictures.

Chopra spoke about her current and upcoming projects and said, “Citadel first season is finished and it should come out next year after Love Again… It looks amazing and I can’t wait it to share it with the world.”