5 Turkish Shows Everyone Is Watching Worldwide

Turkish shows are grabbing the world's attention with compelling stories, rich characters, and diverse genres. Their global appeal is reflected on screens making them popular across age groups. Here are five shows everyone is talking about.

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Endless love

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Turkish shows are demanding the world's attention with compelling stories, rich characters, and diverse genres. Their global appeal is reflected across screens making them popular across age groups.


These shows, celebrated in Turkey and beyond, offer diverse genres and powerful storytelling, making them must-watch experiences for a global audience. Here are five shows everyone is talking about.

Insider (İçerde)


Insider is a great Turkish TV show about two brothers. When their dad gets killed, they go separate ways—one becomes a good police officer, and the other goes down the wrong path as a criminal. The series tells a powerful story about family, trust, and betrayal, mixing in exciting action scenes.

What makes it awesome is how the actors bring the characters to life. The good versus bad theme is intense, and you can feel the emotions. In Turkey, it became a big hit, loved by both viewers and critics. People praise it for the cool story and the actors' skills. So, if you like shows with strong action and deep family drama, it's a must-watch.

Endless Love (Kara Sevda)


Endless love

Endless Love, known as Kara Sevadasan in Turkey, is a touching romantic TV series about Kemal and Nihan, two lovers facing tough challenges. Kemal, a regular guy, falls in love with Nihan, a rich girl. Their love story gets tricky because they come from different worlds, and Nihan's family doesn't approve.

People all over Turkey loved the show, and it became a big hit internationally, winning awards and nominations. It's a story that makes your heart ache because of the obstacles they face in love. Kemal and Nihan's journey is full of emotions and struggles, making Endless Love a must-watch for anyone who enjoys heartfelt romantic dramas.

Small Murders (Ufak Tefek Cinayetler)


Ufak Tefek Cinayetler is an amazing Turkish TV series about four friends from high school. When one of them dies mysteriously, the remaining three friends come together again after many years. The show is all about friendship, secrets, and getting back at those who did wrong.


The actors do a great job, and people liked the exciting story and the cool way it's made. In Turkey, it became super popular, and even in other countries, people loved it. The show is so good that they translated it into different languages for people all around the world to enjoy. If you like stories about friends uncovering secrets and seeking revenge, Small Murder is a must-see.

Resurrection Ertugrul (Diriliş: Ertuğrul)


Resurrection Ertugrul is an awesome Turkish TV show that takes you back to Turkey in the 13th century. It's all about Ertugrul, a brave guy leading his tribe through exciting adventures. The story is based on real history, focusing on Ertugrul Bey, who is the dad of Osman I, the person who started the Ottoman Empire.

People from all around the world love this series, especially in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. It's a big hit everywhere! The show is full of action, history, and cool characters, making it a favourite for lots of viewers. If you're into epic historical dramas and want to see the roots of the Ottoman Empire, Resurrection Ertugrul is a must-watch.

The Uncle in Black (Karadayı)



The Uncle in Black is a captivating Turkish TV series centred around Mahir, a shoemaker in Istanbul with a hidden past tied to his father's notorious mafia legacy. This compelling narrative explores the intricate themes of crime, family, and the pursuit of redemption.

Mahir's struggle to reconcile his ordinary life with the shadows of his family's criminal history creates a riveting storyline that keeps audiences hooked. The series shines with strong performances from its ensemble cast, breathing authenticity into the characters and adding emotional depth to the plot.

In Turkey, The Uncle in Black achieved both commercial success and critical acclaim, thanks to its engaging narrative and the talent of its cast. Its universal appeal prompted translations into multiple languages, enabling a global audience to appreciate the drama, secrets, and quest for redemption woven into the fabric of this exceptional series. If you enjoy stories of complex identities, crime, and the journey toward redemption, it offers a compelling and memorable viewing experience.

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