4 Relatable, Real Stories Of Friendships That Blossomed Online

The last time we would have met people who we could steadfastly rely on would have been in college. Forging friendships, especially profound and meaningful ones, in adulthood is quite rare. But then life is full of surprises, isn't itit?

Kalyani Ganesan
Aug 07, 2023 09:24 IST
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With technological developments, the concept of friendship has transcended geographical boundaries and taken on an entirely new dimension. Online friendship has become increasingly common in the past decade with the advent of social media.

In the virtual world, people can connect with like-minded friends across the globe through online support groups, communities, discussion forums, social media, etc. Meeting new people is quite easy, but finding friends with whom you develop a lifelong bond becomes increasingly rare in adulthood.

The last time we would have met people who we could steadfastly rely on and knew for a fact that they would travel with us for life would have been in college. Forging friendships, especially profound and meaningful ones, in adulthood is quite rare. But then life is full of surprises, right?

Friendships That Blossomed Online


On this friendship day, four women shared heartwarming stories with SheThePeople of how they met their present best friend online.

BFF aka Partner in Crime

I had been creating content on social media on feminism and sisterhood to appease my passion, and I found a similar page that intrigued me. The writer was a single mother and just the kind of woman whom I’ve always been inspired by. I DM-ed her one day; she responded, and there was no going back. We connected instantly, and despite living in different time zones, talking to each other became an integral part of our lives. I’m a very straightforward person and an evolving feminist, which used to make it challenging for people to accept me the way I am. But with her, things were different because our thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets were just mirror images of each other. I’ve never felt that connected with anyone else in my life. It’s been almost a couple of years; we know each other in and out and have been there for each other through the highs and lows. We’ve never met each other in person due to geographical reasons, and I can’t wait to fly home to meet her.


- Kiruthiga Elumalai, IT Professional

Soul Sisters

Four years ago, I met her in a parenting support group on Facebook. I had posted a parenting query to which she responded, and we realised we both had kids of the same age group and we were of the same age too. That was the first thing that made us want to carry forward the communication from the comments section to Messenger. We had an instant connection, especially since we were both new mothers and going through the same phase of life. Very soon, we exchanged numbers, and talking to each other became our daily routine. We bonded over a lot of common factors, but what made us connect on a deeper level was being there for each other around the clock and being able to talk about anything. We met each other in person for the first time earlier this month, and that was undeniably one of the most magical days of our lives.


- Lavaynya Periyasamy, IT Professional

Close Confidant

I met this amazing fellow single mother in a support group online four years ago. We used to chat online and click off instantly. We were both in the same area but didn’t meet immediately. We met after a very long time, before which we shared an amazing bond as online friends. We met at a community get-together for the first time and bonded very well in person too. Even after I shifted cities, we continue to share a very strong and unbreakable bond. She’s been my support system and my confidant. She’s my 2 AM friend whom I can talk to about literally anything under the sky without being judged, and that’s something I’m grateful for.


- Priya Rajendran, Writer

Support System

I stumbled upon an incredible group on Twitter in 2021. We used to chat online regularly, and despite being from different parts of the country, it was beautiful to connect with a woman who shared similar interests. We just clicked instantly and understood each other so well. When my mom fell sick at the end of the year amidst the pandemic, I was freaked out. This friend of mine was a doctor, and she went out of her way to help me out around the clock. That was the moment I felt how real our connection was. She was there for me as an emotional support and also offered medical suggestions as a doctor. It’s been two years, and we talk about literally everything under the moon—from pets to being harassed to dealing with toxic parents. Our bond makes me wish we had met sooner in life.


- Sruthi, Bookstagrammer and Entrepreneur

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