Pathaan Twitter Review: Audience Is Impressed With Plot And Shah Rukh Khan

Pathaan Twitter Review
The wait is over, and Shah Rukh Khan’s much-anticipated film Pathaan has finally been released today. Siddharth Anand’s directorial also stars Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in lead roles. The Pathaan has been part of Aditya Chopra’s spy universe. 

Pathaan created a lot of buzz for various reasons. From being Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film to being the latest victim of the #boycotbollywood trend made massive noise. With flak towards Besharam song to ban on the film, Pathaan survived everything. And now when the film has been released. The fans and audience have been excited to see what Pathaan has for them. Several cinema lovers have already hit the theater and given their verdict.

Pathaan, What People Are Talking

The video clips from outside the theaters of viewers’ reviews have been surfacing online. Many liked the film, a few did not, and some fans also got emotional seeing SRK on the big screen after a long time.

Several viewers have posted their reviews on Twitter. The film has many surprises with many twists and turns to it and full entertainment. One of the users commented, “Maza aa Gaya. Paisa Vasool. Great entry scenes. Great action choreography. Not meant for OTT and I should have watched it in Imax.” 

The second user appreciating the performance said. “The movie presented SRK in his full glory unlike any other movie of his has done before the action sequences are never seen before, supporting cast Deepika Padukone and John Abraham shines and the twists and turns make the movie next level.”

Talking about the storyline, a user stated, “Pathaan is  high voltage action drama with a convincing story, Storytelling is brilliant as we want from Sid Anand Shah Rukh Khan performance is outstanding John Abraham and Deepika Padukone are also fine, Too many surprises and twists.” “Pathaan has it all: Star power, style, scale, songs, soul, substance, and surprises… And, crucially, SRK, who’s back with a vengeance… Will be the first #Blockbuster of 2023″, said another user. 

A few users spoke about the film’s first half being fun, a user wrote, “The first half is so entertaining. It has the right mix of action, thrill, humour, and the main character’s energies of SRK, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham. This is for sure a deadly trio! 

A few also marked how heart-melting it was to see people going gala over the entry of SRK on the screen in the theaters. A user remarked, “Never thought watching Pathaan with fans will get me emotional..!! Ahaa those twinkling eyes with dancing moves purely show madness for their loving superstar SRK. Aisi deewangi dekhi nahi.”

A few also hinted at the cameo of a superstar in the film, A user said, “just speechless…what a comeback by the King .. this Movie has the swag, story, and everything for a viewer .. Don’t miss it .. Just don’t…This movie is made for the Big Screen… Cameo of Salman Khan is just too good.. F**king Awesome. Another user said, “I’m just speechless!! Tiger’s dhamakedaar entry and the theaters turned into a stadium within seconds. I really liked Tiger‘s BGM, Shah Rukh Khan Action.”

However, a few were disappointed with the film as well, a user said, “2023 year’s first disaster is Pathaan, Disaster is already expected Fully disappointed and boring movie.”

Another user said, “expected better, but gave worst. highly disappointed.”

Overall the film is liked by most people, with fewer negative responses. SRK’s comeback with Pathaan has hit rightly in all spots. People are totally enjoying this blockbuster multi-star film. The rest of the verdict lies with the box office. However, from reviews, it seems it’s worth a watch. 

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