Parineeti Chopra On Facing Sexism: ‘Contractors Don’t Talk To Me Because I’m A Woman’

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Parineeti Chopra on facing sexism in real life: The 32-year-old star opened up about the time when the contractors working on her house insisted on speaking with a man for making decisions. The actor who played the lead in Dibakar Banerjee’s latest release, Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, has recently shared how the reel life in the film is not so different from her real life.

Sharing her views on various forms of sexism women have to endure in their lives, Chopra talked to Film Companion and said, “People have become so immune to the patriarchy that they don’t even think about it.” She further mentioned that women in India, in general, face patriarchy every day. She went on to share her own example from a time when she was getting her house renovated and the contractors didn’t even talk to her properly because “I’m a woman”.

Chopra revealed she was asked if there was someone else at home they can talk to. “I say, ‘No, I bought this house, I’ve made the payments. It’s mine so I will choose the tiles’,” she spoke up on facing sexism in personal life. Chopra was also recently seen in the Saina Nehwal biopic and Netflix’s Hindi remake of The Girl On The Train.

When I tell them to talk to me, they refuse. This film has a lot of similarities to my personal life: Parineeti Chopra on facing sexism in real life

Talking about her role in Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, which was released on March 19 on an OTT platform, she said, “This film is uniquely written.” She said her favourite scene is the ‘paratha achaar’ one in which all the men are seated while the women are standing.

Neena Gupta’s character is also standing, she claimed adding that she’s so used to the patriarchy that she’ll never ask Arjun Kapoor’s character to pass the pickle. “While shooting this scene, I was reminded of the small town I grew up in, where the women weren’t allowed to eat till the men went to sleep. Even at my house, my mother wasn’t allowed to sit and eat. It’s not that my father made her do this, but it was an unspoken rule in the house,” she lamented.

Chopra said the most important thing about this film was the marriage between her character, Sandy, and Parineeti Chopra in real life, claiming “this mixture of real and reel life. This was me saying, ‘Let’s smash the patriarchy.’ We were trying to show how accepted the patriarchy is in India and how much we wish that would change,” she concluded.

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