Neha Kakkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh Release ‘Kanta Laga’

Kanta laga Neha Kakkar
Kanta Laga song by Neha Kakkar, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Tony Kakkar was released on Wednesday. The three singers are going to be teaming up for the first time.

Yo Yo Honey Singh talking about the song, shared, “This is the collaboration that I was very excited about and I’m glad that it’s out now. May the party continue and I hope through ‘Kanta’ the listeners have something they can enjoy.”

The music video of the song is directed by Mihir Gulati. It is released under the label of Desi Music Factory headed by Anshul Garg. In his statement, he dedicated the song to the fans of the three singers who have collaborated for the first time. The song is written and composed by Tony Kakkar. The lyrics of the rap is given by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Lil Golu, and Hommie Dilliwala. The choreography is done by Atul Jindal (Big Dance Center).

Neha Kakkar said, “I’ve sung with Tony and Yo Yo Honey Singh earlier. It was a lot of fun to get together for ‘Kanta Laga’. Singing for it with these two artists was a party itself and now that it’s out we invite you all to come party with us. (sic)”

While on the other hand, Anshul said, “It is heartwarming to have listeners wait for ‘Kanta Laga’ eagerly. We dedicate this song to all the fans of Neha, Tony and Honey across the world. Putting this song together was an exciting experience for the entire team and we’re happy to be able to share our labour of love with the listeners.”

The song received mixed reactions from internet users. Neha Kakkar’s husband Rohanpreet Singh was trolled for comment in connection to the video. He wrote in the comments of the Instagram post shared by Neha announcing the song, “Hey Goddess! You and Your Voiceee..” To this users replied by questioning the definition of the music being created by the the Kakkar siblings.

The song release comes after rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh’s wife filed a domestic violence case against him in Delhi court. The rapper was pulled up by the court for not appearing for the hearing of the case. He then sought the court to have on-camera hearing of the case. Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar has accused him of beating her mercilessly on multiple occasions. Read more here.